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Long-forgotten Top 40 Songs


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I think the Ad Hoc band needs to do this one and fill the dance floor!

We are actually working on "Star Baby."

Steve I knew that "Start Me Up" pre-dated "Thunder Island", but seeing as the finished version of "Start.." came after "Thunder", well who's to say that Mick and Keith didn't add the opening riff after hearing "Thunder"?

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DING! DING! DING! DING! DING! Marvin is the champion. Do you also know that jay ferguson wrote the theme song to the hit (American version starring Steve Carrell) tv show "The Office"?

We'll be back tomorrow night folks, with more useless Jay Ferguson trivia! EC.com the ONLY place to find out rock and roll facts that mean nothing.

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Songs mentioned here recently that are on my iPod:

Star Baby

Hang Fire (speaking of the Stones, I’m also very fond of "Happy")

I'm Doing Fine Now

So Very Hard to Go

Nice to Be With You

Another one is my personal favorite rendition of "The Lion Sleeps Tonight," by…Robert John!

Oh, and I would add to the Cliff Richard thread that "Devil Woman" was big in the USA before "We Don’t Talk Anymore." About '75 I first became aware of Richard as this guy who had been a huge British star back in the '50s but up to that time he'd never had a hit in the States…I had bought a British coffee-table book on rock music year by year from the closeout bin of a bookstore (because it had a picture of the 'Berries in it!), and he figured largely in it, although I'd not heard of him up to that point…it was interesting when he had hits later…but so weird, because aside from "Devil Woman" in '76 and then that little flurry of hits in '79-'80, that was it for him…

I've got quite a few Guess Who songs on the iPod, actually, one of them being one I discovered only on XM, "Sour Suite." It's one of the songs I like to listen to when I’m really depressed. Genius…For fun, I also like "Clap for the Wolfman."

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I believe it was a national hit, Marv. I have seen it ranked as high as five in some books and internet lists. I think this gets into a topic that you and I have discussed on the phone many times of how can some songs be sooooo familiar to certain people and others who listened to AM radio constantly have never heard of it (like our "Sugar Baby Love").

I used to love the Ocean song, but never knew that Anne Murray did it first. Have you ever heard this hunka hunka version of it?


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Hi Pat. Yes I have heard that 'hunka hunka' version. I have an older sister who was (and is) a nut about Elvis. At one time we had over 500 Elvis albums in our house - albums from every country all over the world.

"Put Your Hand In the Hand" was written by Canadian Gene Maclellan, who also wrote Anne's first big hit, "Snowbird."

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