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Long-forgotten Top 40 Songs


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Ah, there are so many... but I'll give you this 60s nugget and then think about some subsequent 70s and 80s gems to post.

P.S. The Rubinoos do a GREAT cover of "If My Car Could Only Talk" and between the Rubes and Lou, I try to listen to that song almost every day. It's just the greatest.

Here's a great clip of a mostly forgotten 45, even if I did hear it on KRTH the other day.


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I hate that song.Bad memories.

Isn't it amazing how some people can have a good memory from a tune and others hate it because of a bad memory? I have always hated the song "Fifty Ways To Leave Your Lover" because it was playing in the background when my parents told me they were getting divorced. I should see a therapist, eh? LOL
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In our household we got to hear a lot of Cliff Richard's music as we were growing up. This was due to mom and dad's influence and their stay in England in the late 1950's, early 1960's. So we were familiar with just about every hit record that Cliff had, when the rest of north America was oblivious to his music. Here's his first big USA hit,

"We Don't Talk Anymore":


By the way, I say his "I'm Nearly Famous" album is one of the best albums from the 1970's. It had the great song, "Devil Woman" on it.

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