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Long-forgotten Top 40 Songs


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My 10 year old son Evan remarking as he saw me digging through my 45's, "Two songs - that's all you get on that?! What a waste of money!" Yes, Evan but back in my time those 2 songs on that little slab of vinyl meant EVEYTHING!

Another fave, Delbert McClinton's "Giving It Up For Your Love":


Hey Marvin...I like that one!...I'm listening now...I haven't heard that one for years.
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I heard this the other day, it had been awhile, and I'd forgotten what a powerful song it was (is): Benny Mardones: "Into the Night"

For reasons that are not within my grasp, Syracuse NY is, and has been for years, a 'hotbed' for Benny Mardones. He swings thru town twice a year (summer/X-mas) and plays to a few thousand people a pop. I haven't quite been able to figure it out, but there you go. Apparently he has some type of neurological 'condition' that causes him to shake, rattle and roll (if you will) on stage, but they say his voice is as strong as ever. He's gained a ton of weight and has grown a substantial pair of man-boobs to boot, which only adds to the mystery of it all.

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This is a fascinating thread. I still like “Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go.†So kill me.

Never realized Michael Penn made a record! Or, if I did, I forgot...

Never heard “No Time to Lose†or “Not Too Long Ago†or “Wait a Minute†or “Yesterday Man†or any of Wim’s. Steve, I don’t recall the ones you posted being big hits in Cleveland…when?

Strangely enough, “Walkin’ My Cat Named Dog†gets airplay on the ‘60s on 6 channel on Sirius XM, which is where I heard it first, back in the pre-merger XM days. I had never heard it before that, but it gets requests. As for most of the other songs mentioned, they get regular play on the ‘60s on 6 and ‘70s on 7 channels—the ones from that era, anyway.

I love “Sweet City Woman,†always reminds me of my childhood. Also, here in Cleveland our local TV movie hosts Big Chuck and Lil’ John immortalized it by making it background music for their show.

And Bob is not kidding about Benny Mardones (I didn’t know he was originally from Cleveland) and his bizarre superstar status in Syracuse. I spent a good lot of my college life there and part of it was during the time “Into the Night†came out (although it was actually a summer hit). For some reason Syracusans in particular glommed onto that song big-time, and while the rest of the world thinks of Benny Mardones as a one-hit wonder, in Syracuse he is a god. They might not notice Paul McCartney walking down Salina Street, but Benny Mardones would be mobbed!

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OK, what are my favorite obscure hits, or songs, or whatever? Well, here are a few. I've decided to stick to either ones I didn't even hear back when they were out but only discovered later, thanks to either XM or Internet radio, or ones that XM reminded me of that I had otherwise completely forgotten. Without further ado:


(You thought "Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go" was going to embarrass me? I discovered this as an ADULT and decided I liked it!)


My favorite Bill Haley song. Who needs "Rock Around the Clock"?


This version isn't by the Vince Guaraldi Trio, but it gives you the idea.


McGuinn, Clark & Hillman...a really crappy video, but I present it (although there's a live version from "The Old Grey Whistle Test" also posted) because dammit, I want an MP3 of this and I want you all to hear why. Anybody know where I can get one??


OK, so this probably wasn't Top 40...maybe that's why I never recall having heard it or seen the video once in the '80s, but I heard it on an '80s Internet station and fell in love with it.


I also desperately want an MP3 of this (all I have is a .wmv), although half the genius in this one is in its extremely kitschy early-'80s video that got huge rotation on MTV back when they only had about three videos to play that weren't just concert footage. Speaking of "footage"...Todd and his buddies have plenty here. Don't know what I love about it most...the Deely Bobbers on their heads, the shoes on their feet, their wonderful "house" with bottlecap stools, cigar-band wall art, etc., or their propensity for kicking each other in the butt. Oh, I guess when all is said and done, my favorite part is when they're lying in the sink. Too funny.


Get this vintage 1969 "music video." See, there IS something more embarrassing than liking Wham!


Another one I once liked and forgot about, until I heard it on the soundtrack of the movie "The Full Monty." Don't worry, everyone here is fully clothed.


Hearing this one again after many years was like waking up from amnesia. Funny how you can completely forget something you liked so much and then it all comes back like a rush. Thanks, XM, for how you used to play that "IT" special every year with all those old hits from the 1930s to the present. Too bad that now that The Merger has happened, we may never hear it again.

Do these revive a few memories?

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I posed that question because those three songs were all hits in Cleveland too. The first a top twenty and the the other two top tens. Of course the other songs I listed were hits in the mid 60s.

Sorry, I listened to the radio constantly,and I have a near photographic memory for the music of the period on the radio. Don't feel bad if you don't remember...most people don't.BTW, 'Jingle Jangle is a great song with great musicians and singers...Jeff Barry wrote the song...way cooler than any Wham song. IMO.

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Trindy the Harley and Utopia songs I'd never heard before, and I'm sure that they never made the Top 40 in Canada. The McGinn, Clark, Hillman tune is familiar to me, but again not a Top 40 hit on this side of the border.

Steve I know the Noel Harrison song, but not the other two. Is Terry Knight the same Terry Knight who managed Grand Funk?

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