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Long-forgotten Top 40 Songs


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Marvin...you and especially Steve will appreciate this. I'm sitting here having a cold beer with ice on the inside of my lip and gum. Steve, I caught a knee going in for a takedown tonight. My mouthpiece jammed into my upper gum. So picture that macho image while I tell you....

I actually saw Wham in London...must've been '83 or '84 (I worked for a Wall St firm (Salomon) back then and split time between NYC & London).

Before I left for working out tonight I was going to post "Careless Whisper" by them. So no.....you are not a wimp for posting "Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go". :P


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Steve I've never heard any of the songs you linked. Were they Top 40 in the U.S? Pretty certain none of them charted in the Canada. Who is Chris Andrews?

Chris Andrews was a big star in Holland too:

'Yesterday man' en 'To whom it concerns', both hit the Top 3 in our country, a bit later

'Pretty Belinda' hit the top 10...

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I'm like an idiot savante of 60's Top 40 Radio...and if a record was played for like 2 weeks that I liked...Even if I never heard it again...I would remember it forever.(Of Course today I now own alot of this stuff 'cause it's available like never before.)

Anyone remember the great Lou Christie's..."If My Car Could Talk To Me"...It's loved by my best buddy Mel for it's Jaguar" reference.Enjoy!


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