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Long-forgotten Top 40 Songs


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Today's song spent five weeks at number one in 1957 and was on the charts for 34 straight weeks that year, despite being published in 1931.

The artist had his own variety show on television for three years and sold 45 million albums, had 38 top forty songs, and appeared in twelve movies.

He became known for doing cover versions of old r and b songs and had Elvis Presley as his warmup act in the fifties!

In the 1970's he made a dramatic change in his music and went into gospel music and started his own record company, Lamb and Lion.

Former lieutenant governor of California Mike Curb, the head of Curb Entertainment, is leading the charges to get him into the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame (too).

He married the daughter of country singer Red Foley and had four of his own, that Blackhawkpat thinks might be one of the best harmony quartets of all time.

He still holds the record of having a single on the charts for 220 consecutive weeks.

Here's Pat Boone with "Love Letters In the Sand":


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When you are dubbed "The Beatles Of Canada" (I can already hear Tommy making an Ad Hoc Band joke) as this group was once called by Quentin Tarantino, it can put alot of pressure on you to succeeed. Maybe that's why this band only ended up with one major hit in the US, though they scored three top five songs in Canada.

The group was named, oddly enough, after Winnie Pooh, using the Poohster's proper name, for those that have young kids.

The lead singer of the band, Larry Evoy, wrote this tune and the other Canadian hits, but left the group after four years to get involved in scientology, eventually going on speaking engagements on behalf of L Ron Hubbard.

Evoy, today, has retired from performing, but owns a horse farm and also dabbles in music publishing and has a small recording studio.

The other members of the band have all found different levels of success in the jazz field.

This particular song went all the way to number three in the US in 1972, but unfortunately, was the, umm, last song they would ever have American success with.

Here's Edward Bear with "The Last Song":


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John Ramistella had nine top ten singles and eighteen top forty songs (two more went to #41, so it could have been twenty) in his career from the 1960's-through the 1970's.

Yet, you are probably saying, "Who?"

He also sang the theme song for a popular Friday night television show that is often discussed here.

When he decided he wanted to take a break from performing and do something different, he went into record producing and hooked up with The Fifth Dimension and they had their best album done with him at the helm, doing "Wedding Bell Blues" and "The Age Of Aquarius" on it. He also introduced a little known songwriting friend to them named Jimmy Webb, who contributed a little ditty called "Up, Up, And Away" to the Fifth Demension's array of hits.

He made a great comeback during the 70's and had three more top ten singles after his hiatus.

While he doesn't do any recording anymore, he still tours at least sixty nights per year.

His most recent project was in 2000, when he did a tribute album to Buddy Holly's band, The Crickets, and he recruited Paul McCartney, Eric Clapton, and Tom Petty to help out. (Sounds like a nice rolodex, huh?)

While he is most known for his smooth soulful records (inlcuding one covered by Eric Carmen)

this song was a rocker and went to number three in 1966, after being used for the theme song to an English tv show called "Danger Man".

Here's John Ramistella, or better known as Johnny Rivers, with "Secret Agent Man":


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Much has been said on this site about the musicianship of Richard Carpenter and the vocals of sister Karen. Without a doubt, Karen was among the most expressive vocalists ever. I'm taking you back to 1971 for this #2 smash cover of the Delaney Bramlett and Leon Russell original. The Carpenters with "Superstar."



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The name Tony Burrows may not mean anything to alot of people on the board, but you will learn that he is the absolute king of the "one hit wonders". Just don't ask him to tour, as he is too busy!

In 1970, Burrows was the lead singer on four different singles that sold a combined total of eight million records. While having four different singles in one year is great, he did it as the lead singer of FOUR DIFFERENT BANDS!!!!!

He sang "Love Grows" for Edison Lighthouse, "My Baby Loves Lovin'" for White Plains, "United We Stand" for The Brotherhood Of Man, and "Gimme Dat Ding" for the Pipkins! In fact, on one memorable episode of the english tv show "Tops Of The Pops", he sang lead for three of the bands on the same show!

In 1974, John Carter (no, not the doctor on ER) and his wife, Jill Shakespeare wrote a great pop tune, as a show of their admiration of the writings of Brian Wilson. They got Burrows and his recording buddy, Chas Mills, to sing lead vocals on the record. The pair had also sung backups on radio hits like Tom Jones' "It's Not Unusual" and the Who's "I Can't Explain".

The record went all the way to number four in America, but, of course, with our man Tony on it, became a "one hit wonder".

We've all heard of the nonsense in the record business and this story has plenty of that. When Burrows and Mills didn't want to tour, the record company put out five guys that none of them neither played nor sang on the album on the road and slapped their faces on the cover of the album, along with the two singers and Carter!

So, this performance, a great summer time song, is basically five guys jumping around, pretending they are the band!

Here's The First Class with "Beach Baby":


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Today's song is by a woman who is always thought of more as a comedic actress than a singer, but her lone US hit went to number eight in 1983.

When she was six years old, her father died while reading her a bedtime story and she felt, even at such a tender age, that it was her responsibilty to keep the family laughing, so she learned to mimic others and put on shows for the family. Her older sister tried to do the same and actually titled her bits as the "Patti Show", but when our singer did her entertaining, she liked to do it solo. "My first spinoff", she often jokes.

She has had countless specials on both HBO and Showtime and also did a cameo in Paul McCartney's "Give My Regards To Broadstreet", which is where she met the surprise actor who appears at the end of this hilarious video.

She did have six singles reach the British Top 100 while she tried to be a punk rocker back in the early 80's, none of which reached America.

Her facial expressions are topped by no one and she really does some great ones in this video.

Here's Tracey Ullman with "They Don't Know About Us":


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Janis Fink has always had a lot to say, but unfortunately, not everyone was always willing to listen. She took her brothers middle name and changed it to her last name for a new identity.

At thirteen, she wrote her first song about interracail marriage, a subject that was thought as too hot a topic to handle by her record label and it took her three versions to get it played on the air. It was subsequently banned by a number on stations and one Atlanta station that did play it, was burned down in protest!

During that time period, she was subjected to bitter jealousy from some of her high school classmates and incredibly, from most of her teachers, who flunked her in every subject, despite passing grades. She finally had to drop out of school because of the resentment, but not before she penned this fabulous song of adolescent cruelty and teenage angst that went to number three in 1975.

She never again got radio play in America, but did have some of her songs covered by singers like Mel Torme, Amy Grant, Bette Midler, and Roberta Flack.

Her name was used in the 2004 movie "Mean Girls" as a character that was thought to be a lesbian and took much grief for it. This song was also played in the movie.

She currently is a science fiction writer for the gay magazine, The Advocate.

Oh, and by the way, she received 461 valentines in the mail, the year after this song came out!

Here's the incredibly intense (and just plain incredible) Janis Ian with "At Seventeen":


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I heard this the other day, it had been awhile, and I'd forgotten what a powerful song it was (is):

Benny Mardones: "Into the Night"


Any long-fogotten Top 40 Songs that you'd like to mention?

Marvin, I don't often read this thread, but I have to agree with you. When the "old" EC forum was in the early stages, I "met" Chris from Hawai'i there, and we sent each other tapes of some of our favorite songs. This one was on mine, I've always loved it.
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Originally posted by marvin:

I heard this the other day, it had been awhile, and I'd forgotten what a powerful song it was (is):

Benny Mardones: "Into the Night"


Any long-fogotten Top 40 Songs that you'd like to mention?

Marvin, I don't often read this thread, but I have to agree with you. When the "old" EC forum was in the early stages, I "met" Chris from Hawai'i there, and we sent each other tapes of some of our favorite songs. This one was on mine, I've always loved it.
Its a great song...Romantic...brings back "good" memories
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Marvin - I, too, enjoy Benny Mardonnes' "Into the Night". You might want to give a listen to the acoustic version on You Tube..it is hot!

And...what about Dancin' in the Moonlight...still love that one, too.

This made little girls (in my family) get giddy anytime it was played. Or was it the guy singing it...


Of course nothing can or will ever top....LP!!

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marvin's first post on this thread was about "Into The Night" by Benny Mardones.....Good record...It was actually on a rockin' little album from what I recall!

and....."Daddy's Home" is a sweet song.

Okay I'll throw "Don't Let The Sun Catch You Crying" into the mix! (Gerry & the Pacemakers)


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It's the 73rd birthday for today's artist, who was born into a family of twelve children in a town that only had a hundred people in Arkansas.

He's recorded over 70 albums and sold 45 million records and has charted 75 different times, including 27 top ten hits. His work with writer Jimmy Webb has become legendary and he entered the Country Music Hall of Fame in 2005.

He hosted a popular television show in the sixties and was hand picked by John Wayne to make his acting debut in a movie in 1969.

His guitar work has been an hundreds of hits including the well known riffs for the songs "Tequila" (the Champs), "Dance, Dance, Dance" (Beach Boys) "Suspicious MInds" (Elvis Presley) and "I'm A Believer" (Monkees). He has played on records for Phil Spector, Frank Sinatra, and Dean Martin, too, and was the main guitar player for the Beach Boys classic album "Pet Sounds". He also toured as part of the Beach Boys for two years. He also was in the famous "Wrecking Crew" studio musician alumni.

This particular song was the number one country song of 1969 and spent three weeks at number one (Ironically, bumped by a song by Merle Haggard called "Hungry Eyes"!) It hit number four on the pop charts.

So, a happy 73rd birthday to the great Glen Campbell with "Galveston":


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I've chosen a top 20 hit from 1978, one of my favourite songs from the 1970's, from one of my favourite albums of the 1970's: "Ebony Eyes" by Bob Welch, from the album, "French Kiss."

As most people know, Bob was in the post-Peter Green and pre-Lindsey/Stevie version of Fleetwood Mac. His songs "Hypnotized" and the original version of "Sentimental Lady" found their way onto the FM album "Bare Trees." Once he went the solo route, Bob re-released "Sentimental Lady", and found Top 10 success.

Enjoy "Ebony Eyes":


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