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Long-forgotten Top 40 Songs


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Today’s song comes to you from a band out of Chicago, the Five Stairsteps, consisting of the Burke sibblings Alohe Jean, Clarence Jr., James, Dennis, and Kenneth, and briefly, Cubie. This is probably their best-known song, a #8 smash from 1970, "Oooh Child."

A later version by Hall & Oates is interesting because as John Oates has stated, he and Darryl first met at the Adelphi Ballroom in Philadelphia. It was a big Soul revue and one of the groups that performed was the Five Stairsteps. Both John and Darryl were on the bill with different groups that evening. This song always brings forth emotional memories for them.



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It's a sad day on the "Forgotten To 40 Songs" beat with the passing of Dan Seals from mantle cell lymphoma cancer at the age of 61.

Dan was half of the great duo "England Dan and John Ford Coley" that had six top forty songs between 1976-1979.

His brother, Jimmy, was part of the duo, Seals and Crofts, and the two brothers had been working on an album under the name Seals and Seals.

Dan had some major country hits in the 80's and 90's, including "Bop", You Still Move Me", Love On Arrival" and also charted "Meet Me In Montana" with Marie Osmond.

He got his nickname "England Dan" as a youngster because of his love for The Beatles and it stuck into his recording career.

I have always loved their two top ten hits, "Nights Are Forver" (#10 in 1976) and today's choice which hit number two the same year and number one on adult comtemporary.

Rest In Peace, England Dan!

Here's England Dan and John Ford Coley with "I'd Really Love To See You Tonight"


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Here’s a forgotten Top 40 hit that I hope to convince the Ad Hoc Band to work into our set list. This one goes back to 1975 and it was a top 5 hit for my favourite tartan-clad pop-rockers.

Sidenote: I could never figure out the lyric in the chorus, especially the second line which I always thought was "sly like a fox just to see what you can get", but internet searches show a completely different lyric: "I like to watch you lust just to see what you can get." Hmm...

Enjoy "Money Honey" by the Bay City Rollers:


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Today's choice for me is a group that had the "Philly Soul Sound" from the early stages to their career all the way to their current status, despite changing members, oh, about fifteen times.

Brothers William and Wilbert Bell started the group and William has had his songs covered by a huge array fo artists including The new Kids On The Block, retha franklin, Todd Rundgren, The Jackson Five and Boys II Men.

The group had mild success, but when they hooked up with producer Thom Bell, they hit gold! Bell went on to produce many hits for The Spinners.

This song was recently used in the Pam Grier movie, "Jackie Brown", and has brought back demand for the group.

Their first of two top ten singles, this went to number four in 1968.

Here are The Delfonics with "La-La(Means I Love You)":


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Hard to believe this guy is 67 years old now. The second of eight children, his dad decided to move the family from Oregon to Idaho and it turned out to be the greatest move that could have happened to our performer.

When he was fifteen, he won a talent show as the lead singer of a group called "Freddy Chapman and the Idaho Playboys", but shortly thereafter, Chcapman moved away and the band broke up.

As fate would have it, most of the band ended up hooking up with a keyboard player named Paul. Not knowing this, our singer took a job in a bakery, where one day, Paul (who worked as a buyer for a hamburger restaurant) came in and the two struck up a conversation.

They started getting popular and Dick Clark saw them and decided to put them on his television show, "Where The Action Is". Columbia Records signed them as their first rock band on the label and the band went on to have fifteen top forty songs and six top forty albums over the next four years.

Our singer, known for his good looks and ponytail, started recording some solo records, inclduing this one, which went to number ten in 1970, even though he stayed in the group another five years.

When he stopped performing, he went into A & R at UA Records where he discovered both Kenny Rogers and Gerry Rafferty.

He hosts a radio show now called "Mark After Dark" and owned a restaurant that he did the show in until it closed this past year over some legal battles.

He has also written many jingles, showing his great talent.

Here's Mark Lindsay (of Paul Revere and the Raiders fame) with "Arizona":


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No, I wasn't. I wanted to catch Davy Jones at Hemmens in Elgin a year and a half ago but didn't get to that show. (I know Jay <Jay52> wanted to catch that show, too.) Did, however, catch Mickey Dolenz that year at Star Plaza in Merrillville... great show! How are Davy and Cassidy in concert these days, do you know?

On another thread I was just talking about the Queen cover band, A Night of Queen, we caught over the weekend at Genesee in Waukegan. It's spring and before too long the outdoor concert season will begin!!! I can hardly wait!!! Do you ever catch any of the shows out in the western suburbs towards us? You can alway come over for a barbecue and we can catch the show afterwards... door's always open!

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Today's top forty song is by an artist that when he eventually dies, can say he truly lived life to the fullest.

This guy his changed his name three times, been a stage performer, a rock singer, and actor and is now a game show host! When he was sixteen, he was at Parkland Hospital when JFK was brought in and he saw Jackie O at the hospital. His father tried to kill him with a knife. When he found out he was drafted, he gained 68 pounds in four and a half weeks to try and avoid going, but they wanted him anyway. He then stole his father's credit card and moved to Los Angeles and never went to the army. He's been called "the greatest singer in rock and roll" and he's also completely lost his voice for five years because he "forgot how to sing"! He's been bankrupt three times. His lifelong songwriter sued him for trying to make an album without him!

Not much to this guy's life, eh?

Love him or hate him, the guy puts every ounce of himself into this record.

I don't use the word "brilliant" too often, but the performance, the song, the recording of this single is indeed, "brilliant". How it only went to number eleven in 1977 is beyond me.

The second single off his first album in a trilogy (77, 93, and 06)......

Here's Marvin Lee Aday, aka, Michael Lee Aday, aka, Meatloaf with "Two Out Of Three Ain't Bad":


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Big fan of that song Pat - especially the lyrics,

"I know youre looking for a ruby in a mountain of rocks,

But there aint no coupe de ville hiding at the bottom of a cracker jack box."

Only Jim Steinman could have come up with such nonsense AND make it work!

For my "Long Forgotten Top 40" hit, I'm taking you back to 1978 for a Top 10 duet.

We have a female vocalist who charted much more regularly in the UK than she did in the US – even though she was American - she had 5 Top 10 songs in the UK. In the US she was better known by her tv character, "Leather Tuscadero" on the tv show Happy Days. The male singer here is Chris Norman from the UK group Smokie. Smokie melded country-rock somewhat in an Eagles-ish vein, with nowhere near the same success, at least not in the U.S.

This was the biggest hit for Suzy Quatro and Chris Norman. "Stumblin’ In"†hit #4 in 1978.



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Today's choice is by an artist that started in a band, then had success as a duo, and eventually had his own solo success as a singer and songwriter.

After some mild success in various bands, he hit the big time with his partner for six years in the 70's and had some massive hits together.

While I enjoyed his records in the duo, I LOVED some of his solo stuff!

He has sung the theme song for six top movies and is in the process of writing his third album of songs for Disney's children's music.

He has paired up with Stevie Nicks, Michael McDonald, Richard Marx, you name it and the guy has "hit" written all over anything he does. He and McDonald wrote a beautiful song about his own father's battle with cancer.

He teamed back up with his 70's partner in 2005 to release a CD and DVD and they also toured together that year.

His cousin also had some hits in the 1970's on the radio.

This particular song went up to #7 in 1981 and was also the them to the move, "Caddyshack".

Here's Kenny Loggins with "I'm Alright":


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Sorry to disagree with you big guy but the TUNESTER much preferred the work of Loggins and Messina to Kenny's solo work but I'm sure most of the posters here would agree with you. -TT

I'm a big fan of most of Kenny's solo music, but Tunes I have to agree with you: his work with Jim Messina was much more interesting.
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Originally posted by TOMMY TUNES:

Sorry to disagree with you big guy but the TUNESTER much preferred the work of Loggins and Messina to Kenny's solo work but I'm sure most of the posters here would agree with you. -TT

I'm a big fan of most of Kenny's solo music, but Tunes I have to agree with you: his work with Jim Messina was much more interesting.
I'm shocked.

I used to make a list every week of my top 50 bands everyweek when I was young and Raspberries were number 1. If I recall correctly when the berries broke up Loggins & Messina moved up to number 1 until they were supplanted by Queen. I believe Queen held that position until I discovered the New York Punk Scene and the Punk/New Wave Bands that followed in which case The Dictators, Sex Pistols, Cars took over with Blondie, Talking Heads, Television right behind.

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