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Favorite Rare Releases or B Sides


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This was touched on in another thread... here are my top favorites:

1) Hey Hey What Can I Do - Led Zeppelin

2) Soft Dog - Peter Gabriel

3) Man With The Horns - Phil Collins

4) Vegetable Man - Syd Barrett

5) New York City Streets - Triumph

6) Match Of the Day - Genesis

7) Steppin Stone - Sex Pistols

8) Fancy Dancer - Rush

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Back in the days of 45's, when curiousity made you flip that little piece of vinyl over, here's three 'B' sides that come to mind:

1. "Too Many People" - which was the B side of "Uncle Albert" (McCartney).

2. "Maybe Tomorrow" - which was the B side of "No Matter What" (Badfinger).

3. "Par Avion" - which was the B side of "The Living Years" (Mike & the Mechanics).


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Marvin - What's even more interesting is that the recording of "Maybe Tomorrow" came out under both bands' names.....first as the Iveys' single, then re-mixed slightly, and used as a B-Side and album cut (on Magic Christian Music, Badfinger's 1st LP). Tony Visconti's original production and mix were toned down just a bit for the LP and B-side versions. The original Iveys' mix was a lot brassier sounding, with more keyboards and heavier drums in the mix. I used to think they were two separate recordings, but found out it was just 2 different mixes from the same sessions. I believe 3-4 other Iveys tunes were also used on Magic Christian Music.

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I remember in college having a roommate who had the "Go Your Own Way/Silver Springs" 45, and he played it all the time. I never bought the 45 myself, but when Compact Discs started coming out in 1983/84, I figured it would eventually turn up on a CD, but it didn't for many years. In fact, around 1990, I got the chance to interview Stevie Nicks, when her solo "Greatest Hits" CD was coming out, and she was fuming over that "Silver Spring." She tried to put it on her "Greatest Hits," but Mick Fleetwood wouldn't allow it. She was pretty POed at him---and really frustrated.

Finally, several years later, when Fleetwood Mac released a four-disc "Best of" package, we finally got "Silver Springs" on CD. And when they regrouped and released "The Dance," we got that nice live version of "Silver Springs." So I was glad Stevie and Mick made up.... (Like she wrote in the song "Fireflies": "Everyone fights, but the fire flies...")

Thought you'd like that li'l anecdote...


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"Someday" b-side to "She Did It" (Although it later showed up on the "Change of Heart" album).

"Daytime Nighttime Suffering" by Macca, b-side to "Goodnight Tonight".

"Better Days" was the b-side to "No Matter What" in the UK. In the US, it was "Carry On Till Tomorrow". If memory serves, Apple reissued Badfinger's singles around '74 or '75 where they combined all the a-sides. I recall seeing a 45 of "Day After Day" backed with "Baby Blue". One of those reissues is likely what you have, Marvin.

John, I've always considered "The Magic Christian" album to be an Iveys album. Half of it is remixed versions of tracks from the three year old and already terribly dated "Maybe Tomorrow" album. All of it was recorded before Joey Molland had joined and before the name change from The Iveys to Badfinger. It's my opinion that Apple did irreparable harm to the band's image (particularly in the UK where they were always viewed as a teeny bop band as opposed to a rock band) releasing that hodge podge of an album.

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House of Cards/Someone Saved My Life Tonight-Elton John

A Human Body/Play the Game-Queen

Livin'Inside My Heart/Like a Rock-Bob Seger

Flying to My Home/My Brave Face-Paul McCartney

Breakaway/Why Can't I Have You-The Cars

My Toot Toot/Change in the Weather-John Fogerty

Under the Boardwalk/Rockin' in the USA-John Mellencamp

Pink Cadillac/Dancing in the Dark-Bruce Springsteen

I Think I'm Going Mad/She Was Hot-The Rolling Stones

You guys listed some excellent choices! I tried not to repeat any of them on my random list. I'm sure I can come up with ALOT more...


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