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Latest Idiotic List - Classic Rock's "50 Greatest Rock Singers"


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First of all, I think it's fair calling any list idiotic when it's touted on the magazine cover as the 50 greatest rock singers, and then they only show a top 30 (allegedly, # 31-50 are on their web site somewhere, but I've so far been unable to find them....)

Here's their list - keep in mind this is a British mag which leans heavily toward the hard rock/metal end of music......As per usual, there are some great choices here, and a number of questionable (at best) picks....

1. Freddie Mercury

2. Paul Rodgers

3. Robert Plant

4. Steve Marriot

5. Rod Stewart

6. Ian Gillan

7. Ronnie Dio

8. Sammy Hagar

9. Steve Perry

10. Janis Joplin

11. Noddy Holder

12. Steven Tyler

13. Roger Daltry

14. Meat Loaf

15. David Coverdale

16. Paul Stanley

17. Jonh Lennon

18. Ann Wilson

19. Layne Staley

20. Steve Winwood

21. Chris Robinson

22. Jim Morrison

23. Robin Zander

24. Glenn Hughes

25. Danny Bowes

26. Steven Wilson

27. Brian Connolly

28. Phil Mogg

29. Lou Gramm

30. James Hetfield

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What's a lot more interesting in the magazine than this list, BTW, is that they asked a number of musicians about their own personal choices, and printed those. Ian Hunter's #1 choice, for example is Dylan, with his comment "You either get him or you don't".

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Well, I have two of their 30 in my "5 of the Top of My Head."

For the record ... no order:


John Lennon

Robin Zander

Eric Burdon (now THIS is a miss)

Agnetha and Frida

Janis is too low.

Actually, this list is better than most, if not being infuriating counts for anything.


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Marriott would have made a U.S. musicians list of faves, but fans probably wouldn't have picked him. And Slade really didn't do much in the US, so Holder would not not been on an American list.

It is a surprise, though, to see Staley on this UK list. He, of course, would have been top 5 in Seattle, and would not have cracked the top 20 anywhere else.(But I guess Manchester's obsession with Seattle rock might have had some effect on this poll, and I don't think he got too many votes from Londoners)

Not to be stupid, but who in the heck are Danny Bowes and Steven Wilson???

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"Not to be stupid, but who in the heck are Danny Bowes and Steven Wilson???"

Two Brits who are, for the most part, unknown on this side of the Atlantic. Bowes is the singer with hard rock band Thunder, Wilson is a solo artiste whose best known band was probably Porcupine Tree.

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