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I just got "BOOH-ed"


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It's 9:15PM EST, I'm in the study of my house which is right by the front door. I'm logged on to EC.com....and reading a smarty-pants post from Cartmill when my door bell rings in a very agitated manner.

The girls are readying for bed...and heck I'm in shorts and a cut-off tee. The doorbell scares the kitty-litter out of me. I race to the door thinking that one of my elderly neighbors has fallen ill. But alas....no one is at the front door. I look down...and there's a bucket of halloween treats with a note. The note reads that I've been "BOOH-ed".....and I have to "BOOH" two more neighbors within the next two nights in secret complete with treats. I was also given a sign to hang on the front door noting that we've been "BOOH-ed"

We got such a hoot out of this. I'm on a cul-de-sac with only a few homes on it.....but there are plenty of pranksters who live around the corner.

I think this is a cool idea. Of course don't try this in Brooklyn....you'll get shot! Does anyone else have any cool traditions associated with Halloween?


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In my neighborhood....we all dress up and have a "planned-impromptu" party. There's plenty of real food besides the halloween goodies.

My neighbor Steve is going as "Leatherman" from the Village People.....I'm going as "Dr. 34110" complete with implants at the ready. Bonnie is going as Sarah Palin. My other neighbor Tony is going to be that Git-R-Done guy, etc, etc. There will also be plenty of witches and various pop culture icons.

One daughter is going as Little Red Riding Hood, a very mature looking one at that. My 9 yr old is going as a "Cereal-Killer" complete with Cheerios and empty cartons and spoons.

So the shenanigans have already commenced!!!


PS - Bessie....I like YOUR neighborhood if wine is in the good basket!

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Ain't no "BOOH-ed"-ing happening in Rumson, NJ on Bruce's street:



To our friends and neighbors:

So as not to inconvenience you this Halloween, due to "catastrophic success" (read: too many visitors for the neighborhood to handle) and concern for the safety of kids and parents! we won't be having our usual Halloween display this year in Rumson.

We wish everyone a safe and Happy Halloween!


Bruce and Patti



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Oh LC that's too funny. It was the arms......the arms!!!! I mentioned it only because it was chilly outside last night (as far as SW FL is concerned)...but the chill didn't make me hesitate to race to the door.

We'll be extending the "BOOH" favor tonight. We have two suckers, er uhm I mean two subjects in mind! LOL



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This is a fun thing !

I am about to deliver my treats as soon as the pretzels are out of my oven, I also added pumpkin muffins, apple cider and chocolate.

One basket to one of my friend's family and one to my elderly neighbor next door.

I did add a note to my elderly neighbor, so that she would know it was from me and not a pervert poisoner, I am trying to get her more involved with us. laugh

Pssst pass it on......

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We'll be having our annual wiener roast--we've been gathering wood for days. We finish with roasted marshmallows or s'mores. I also roast the pumpkin seeds after we carve the jack o' lantern. This year we're adding apple cider and home made caramel apples. After we eat we usually take a walk through the neighborhood and check out all the costumes and lighted decorations since my kids are too old to trick or treat. When we get home we watch horror movies until everyone falls asleep. I love Halloween!

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