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Missing in Action?(What are they doing?)

Billy K.

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There are a bunch of artists that seemed to just disappear from the public eye, after varying degrees of noteriety. What are these people up to these days??

Paula Cole, Eminem, Sheena Easton, Kim Carnes, April Wine, Default, Erasure, The Whispers, Michael Franks, Danzig, Molly Hatchet, Pat Travers.....and there are a bunch of others...

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Sheena Easton is doing Vegas, and Kim Carnes still writes (she wrote the hit 'The Heart Won't Lie' for Reba McIntire and Vince Gill). I'm sure her residuals keep a roof over her head. I remember Easton invested well in FL real estate. She has married and divorced a number of times, so between performing, residuals. alimony, and investments, she probably is not hurting either.

I really like the quality of Paula Cole's voice. I enjoyed her hits, but never bought any of her albums. This question prompted me to Google her name. Go to her MySpace page and you will see the answer to the question, "Where Has Paula Cole Been?

I will add that the four song samples on this page are all very good. Might actually go out and buy the CD.

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