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Randy Bachman

Lew Bundles

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Went to see Randy Bachman last night at B.B. Kings in N.Y.C...Interesting night...Musically, I felt like I was listening/watching a Holiday Inn cover band as there was a "lounge" sound to the instrumentation...The drummer was playing like he had hadcuffs on and the guitarist(not Bachman) had one of those Brian Setzer sounding guitars that I dont like...BUT, the stories that Bachman told as to the creation of each song was GREAT...The history of these songs was fascinating as all hell and he has a real down home(read Canadian)attitude...Very casual, soft spoken and articulate...Relatively short show, but played all the classics...

No Sugar Tonite/New Mother Nature



These Eyes

No Time

American Woman

Bus Rider

Albert Flasher

Rollin' Down The Highway

Let It Ride

You A'int Seen Nothing Yet

Takin' Care of Business

Hey You

and another Bachman/Turner number that I was not familiar with...

Short Set...But interesting...

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What are we going to do if "Albert Flasher" is ever posted in the Song Thread? I was going through my files and wondering about that one.

And, American Woman is actually a song protesting against America during the Viet Nam War days.

Thank you for more suggestions to fill up my 40 gig hard drive!

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Some of those Bachman/Cummings unplugged videos on youtube are really great to watch ....

My favorite song of RB was on an album called "Survivor," and the song was "Just a Kid"(fairly Beach Boys-ish). Just recently bought the CD, after not hearing the album for many years. The song is autobiographical. Worth finding.

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Odd that Randy would perform post Bachman Guess Who songs. Did Randy actually sing "Albert Flasher" and "Bus Rider"? I saw him last month with Burton Cummings and they were great. The set list was similar but they did more Guess Who songs like "Share The Land" and "Hand Me Down World". Curiously, they didn't play any solo Cummings.

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