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Remember How Hard It Was Being A Raspberries Fan In The 70s...


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Try being an April March fan nowadays. As some of you may already know April March is my current favorite current artist and has been for the past8-10 years. Very few have heard of her (although those that have usually love her also).

Her websight is very rarely updated.

If you google her you invariably wind up with millions of sites for magazines or other things involving the two months the band is named after.

She rarely releases new albums.

Even rarer are her tour dates.

When she finally does release a new album (TODAY April 22, 2008). I'll be damned if I can find it. Apparently it is being released todayonly on the internet. I must download the CD digitally thru itunes (YEAH, I'LL KNOW HOW TO DO THAT).

Can anyone tell me if there will be a physical CD release of her new CD entitled "MAGIC MONSTERS" by APRIL MARCH and STEVE HANFT.

When will it be available and how do I get it?

Being a Raspberries fan was never this difficult.

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Download? Burn? Ooooo. we aren't s'posed to use those words, are we?

While I'm downloading a few things, I think I'll get my tech to arrange to put my new burner in. Shhhhhhhhhhh!

I'd gladly pay a few more cents to download, but the ISP won't take my money yet for that!

It's good enough for me that my D:\ is back up and running and I can listen to a couple of CD's already.

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I downloaded a couple of internet-only releases and saved them onto music-r cd's, but after playing them two or three times, they started skipping and eventually self-destructed (after I ripped them out of the CD player and threw them under an 80 mph truck.) wink I've tried Memorex and Sony. Can anyone recommend a reliable music-r cd brand?

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Are you talking about ones that will hold about 20 songs, or the ones you can put a whole lotta songs on in .cda format?

We've been using Maxell brand, and my daughter and his daughter are still playing them to death. (Of course, aafter surgical removal of the ear pieces, they got i-pods!)

I can't remember how many went to .cda, for computer use only, but I had half of my mp3 files on one disk,and the others on the second one. (They died because I accidentally stepped on them in my tiny apartment.)

Ask around at your computer tech store and see what they say.

You might also want to see if you player is okay.

Now, why can't I program my little mp3 player on ME instead of going all the way to XP!? I want Eric Carmen on the bus with me, along with The Hollies, Raspberries and Starland Vocal Band, too!

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