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Disco Love it or Hate it ???


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James - You might want to seek out some of Bernie L's pre-Eagles work - Hearts & Flowers (2 LPs which were reissued on CD a couple of years ago), The Dillard & Clark Expedition (2 great albums on A&M), and the Flying Burrito Brothers' 2nd album "Burrito Deluxe".

The main reasons I bought the Eagles' debut LP the day it came out were: (1) Bernie's presence in the band; and (2) the rumor at the time that Gene Clark of The Byrds/Dillard & Clark had been asked to join, but either turned them down (or was turned down)....as Gene had some rather severe substance abuse problems, I'm not sure what the true story was....or, for that matter, if it was just a rumor.

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"If Gene did have substance abuse issues, he would have fit right in with the 'high flying' Eagles."

Gene's problems go back to '66 or '67....by the early 70's, he was already known as one of the biggest f*ck-ups on the music scene. I could be wrong, but I don't think Henley/Frey really got into the heavy substance abuse until they were rolling in dough (which Gene had been since '65, being the Byrds' main songwriter. I remember Chris Hillman talking about how he and Michael Clarke were living from day to day, waiting for Columbia's royalty checks, while Gene was tooling arounf LA in his new Porsche.)

"My Man", BTW, originated from a graveside sing-along involving Gram Parsons and Bernie at Clarence White's funeral (Ex-Byrd and bluegrass God Clarence was hit by a car while loading his van after a show in Palmdale, CA, I believe). Gram started singing the gospel song., "Further Along" (or "Farther Along", as it's also spelt), and Bernie joined in....after which, the two went out and got wasted. Almost a year to the day, Gram himself checked out from this world, prompting Bernie to pen that song. I also mentioned the Dillard/Clark Expedition. Their first LP, "The Fantastic Expedition of Dillard & Clark", has the original (and, IMO, best) version of "There's A Train Leaves Here This Morning," which Bernie brought to the Eagles for their first LP.

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Correction: Bernie Leadon was actually on two Flying Burrito Brothers LPs. He was also on their 3rd album (self-titled), their first without Gram Parsons. Rick Roberts, later of Firefall fame, had replaced Gram. Chris Hillman and Michael Clarke of The Byrds were still in the band, as well as Bernie.

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There's 'disco'...and there's R&B from the era. Earth Wind and Fire ain't disco...although Boogie Wonderland is pretty darned close. Disco is responsible for more bad than good. [The electronic, synthesized dance stuff 'til the cows come home' that we've suffered with...like...forever.] Disco opened a door I wish had NEVER opened. It had as much to do with killing Rock...as Rock itself did.

So while there are a FEW disco tunes that I can handle...and LOADS of great danceable R&B...by and large I wish that disco had never happened.

Simpleton muzak. In and of itself...nothing wrong with THAT. But the morons who run radio were responsible for some extremely dangerous programming decisions that butchered the music scene and then radio right along with it.

No ears = No audience.

So...somewhere between agree and strongly agree...I'd have to say that disco sucks.

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There was disco and then there was quality disco. I think the Bee Gees produced quality disco, their talent and ability inescapable. "Night Fever" and "Staying Alive" have great pop sensibilities and are cleverly written.

(Ofcourse it kills me to say this being an MC5 fan.) Then there were the great disco lines..."Our live is like a ship on the ocean , we've been sailing with a cargo full of love and devotion."

Pretty good stuff. Ofcourse they dont mention what ship it is, if it was the Titanic or the Lusitania it would be a concern I suppose.

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