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Uriah Heep

Billy K.

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Kind of interesting that I heard this song on the radio.....it was a 70s tune, obviously, and done really well....thought it was an odd/obscure Grand Funk album track....

As it turns out, it was Uriah Heep....and the DJ says "happy birthday to lead singer David Byron, who turns 60 today".....

I'm thinking, "didn't Byron die from a drug overdose over 10 years ago?"

Anyway, my curiousity is getting to me.....I don't know a heck of a lot about Heep....just that they are still around, and mostly non-original members.

Got a few Heep questions:

(1) Any chart hits, other than "Easy Livin'"?(not the song I heard a couple of days ago)

(2) Byron and bassist Gary Thain were New Zealanders--all the rest were Brits, right? (both Byron and Thain were drug casualties?)

(3) I know the name came from some fantasy/magic

book(pre-Harry Potter)....which one?

(4) Any recommended tracks/albums? Greatest hits/compliations?

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JohnO, I couldn't help but think that connotation with magic....I remember one of their albums being called "Demons and Wizards"....so I presumed the name came from Tolkien or someone like that. Thanks for straightening it out for me.

Rod Stewart would be disappointed that I don't know any Dickens or Keats smile

WallyTosa, yes, "Stealin'" was the song I heard a few days ago....first time I heard it. But then again, growing up in San Francisco, radio had, for better or for worse, slightly different playlists than the rest of the country.....

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I play Easy Livin' on my morning show from time to time...It still sounds good on the air...

The Wiki says that David Byron "died of an epileptic fit and liver disease on February 28th 1985, at the age of 38."...So the jock who wished him happy birthday was about 22 years late for his last birthday alive.

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I took a look at Heep's website, and it has an interesting and detailed look at the band's history.

Kind of looks like a Spinal Tap-like story...

except it's real.

Former members included Lee Kerslake(who also played for Ozzy Osbourne)--in fact, did two tours of duty with the band...... Nigel Olsson(Elton John's drummer)also played with the Heep for a brief period......and John Wetton, who later on was with UK, Buggles, and Asia.

Gary Thain's electric shock at a show in Texas was much worse than the one Ace Frehley got onstage. In fact, Thain was out of action for a while..... only to die of a heroin overdose.

And one of the most original album titles, "Sonic Origami".

Quite an interesting read, even if you are not into their music.....

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