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The most memorable concert


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What is the most memorable concert you ever attended?

I was pressured to go on a date with a older guy, we went to see the Doobie Brothers -I didn't know the group or any of their music but seem cool to a concert.

Right off he fell off is platform shoes on my parents front porch(I was dying not to laugh).

When the concert started someone spilled a soda from the balcony right on his head.

I still don't know Doobie music but I laugh every time I think of that night. laugh

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Marvin, I have seen ND many times, but honestly, I got started seeing him too late. I believe he was at his best when I was too young for concerts, and I would have loved to have seen him, as you did, in the early '70s. To this day, Hot August Night from 1972 is one of my all-time favorite albums.

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This story has an Eric Carmen connection...But the concert was REO Speedwagon...

I believe it was 1976...First concert I ever went to...Me and my best friend drove down to Kaskaskia College to the concert in my '71 Ford Maverick...The concert was great...REO Speedwagon had been a local favorite for years...and they played on into the night...Unfortunately for me I had a midnight curfew...But I wasn't about to miss the end of the concert...At the end of it all me and my buddy had 25 minutes to go 30 miles...and we were gonna make it if it meant driving 100 miles an hour...which I did...We were almost home and slowed down to a more reasonable speed when I asked my buddy to grab my Eric Carmen 8 track out of the window visor...I pointed out where it was as I slowed to stop at the intersection that meant we were home...as he grabbed the tape we crashed into a car that was sitting at the intersection...Crash, smash, bash...8 track tapes flew out of the visor and rained down on us...We were both alright...even the Maverick just had a crushed fender...The state police officer called my dad to the scene...(My dad was the county Sheriff)...He asked my dad what he should do...And my dad bellowed..."Give him a ticket!"...Then to heighten the fear me and my buddy felt...dad went to the front of the car and ripped the damaged fender right off...He said sternly "open the trunk"...and he tossed the twisted metal in...After that he was pretty cool...He took my buddy home and then we went back to our house where I faced the worried wrath of my mom...She was alot harder to face than my dad the Sheriff...After that experience...my parents never again gave me a strict deadline to be home...They knew what i'd do to try to make it!...Now when we get together me and my best friend often reminisce about our first concert...our first crash...and the Eric Carmen 8 track that took my eyes off the road.

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Without question only two concerts stand out heads above the rest:

Raspberries HOB Chicago January 2005

Paul McCartney United Center Chicago October 2005

The professionalism, competence and sheer energy if harnessed would show no energy crisis anywhere in our country!!!

Both concerts were just ELECTRIC!!! Hard to put into words...How about some of you at the Chicago Raspberries concert....Didn't you agree?


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The most memorable concert for me was the Raspberries Reunion Concert at the Cleveland HOB on November 26, 2004 because watching my favorite rock band of all time playing (and being playful) at circa age 22, and then having that screen slowly rise and seeing them in the flesh for the first time in 32 years when *nobody* in the world except me ever thought it would happen----------well, that was my life's dream come true. Then to go to an after-party and get to speak to them and congratulate them----------------WOW!!!!! Then, to see a 10 concert reunion tour and get to see the Berries THREE times in NINE days, culminating in that gorgeous Sunday performance at BBKIngs in New York City-----------------!!!! Then a cd/dvd.------------------!!!!

Well, you get the picture. For me, that night in Cleveland was the huge flame that ignited the fire, one that's gonna burn a LOOOOOONNNNNNNGGGGGG time.

Ain't nothin' better than that for me!

My most memorable classical concert was at Avery Fisher Hall in New York City when Senor Salvatore Accardo, an Italian violinist, played Paganini's Violin Concerto on Paganini's original violin, which was flown over from Italy expressly for the performance and hadn't been played in 150 years.

The most memorable concert I ever played was my band's Carnegie Hall performance. I played a solo performance of a classical Polish Mazurka and my Mom was in the audience. That was her favorite concert, too.

smile --Darlene

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my first was pretty amazing: Cheap Trick in Kingston, Ontario (summer 1979)


Screen Test @ The Jab 1982 (after seeing a very lame Police show at The Carrier Dome in Syracuse)... Screen Test was/is 3/4s of The Flashcubes & introduced me to the true power of live power pop & the insenity of the club performance vs. the disconnect & excess of the arena rock experience... they opened w/ "I Get Restless"... Tommy Allen on drums & Gary Frenay on lead vox (Arty Lenin on mega guitar)

Jon Brion @ Largo 2003 (& other times)

Dictators @ The Ritz 1986

Raspberries @ BB Kings 7/24/05 w/ all of Screen Test in the audience...

Hamell On Trial w/ Wilco @ Mercury Lounge

Radiohead @ Tramps 1995

Radiohead @ Irving Plaza 1997

Flashcubes @ IPO (numerous times)... most recently at The Paradise in Boston w/ Bernie, Kathy & Dennis Ferante in attendance...

Tommy Keene @ Maxwells 1985

Roger McGuinn @ Stanhope House, NJ 1983

Colin Blunstone w/ Loser's Lounge @ Fez circa 1999

Trashcan Sinatras @ Fez 2001

Dramarama @ Q Fest circa 1992 w/ Wonder Stuff

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Jimi Hendrix Experience, Ambassador Theater, Wash, DC, Summer of 67;

Jimi Hendrix Experience, Washington Hilton Ballroom, Wash, DC, Apr. 68;

Muddy Waters, Cellar Door, Wash, DC, Fall 72;

Howlin' Wolf, Cellar Door, Wash, DC, Winter 69;

The Clash, Ontario Theater, Wash, DC, Feb. 78 (first US tour);

Bob Dylan, Wolftrap, Aug. 97;

The Dictators, 930 Club, Wash, DC, sometime in 91;

Roy Wood's Army (4 shows), Village Underground, NYC, Mar. 02 (first US shows in 30+ years);

Moby Grape, Ambassador Theater, Wash, DC, Dec. 67;

Moby Grape (2 shows), Wetlands, NYC, Aug. 97;

Moby Grape (2 shows), Wetlands, NYC, Nov. 98;

Pretty Things, Coney Island High, NYC, Nov. 98 (first US shows in 20+ years);

Bruce Springsteen, Capital Center, sometime in 78 (first time I saw him);

Creation, Warsaw Hall, Brooklyn, NYC, Nov. 01 (first-ever US show);

Cyril Jordan & Sneetches, DNA Lounge (SF), 91;

Hasil Adkins, Las Vegas Rock-A-Round, Sept. 04 (his last show ever);

NY Dolls, Fillmore, SF, Oct. 04

Raspberries reunion shows (NYC (2), Atlantic City, LA), 05

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Springsteen on his solo acoustic tour for the Tom Joad album

Raspberries and Box Tops in Waukesha

U2 on the War tour in a small hall in Kansas City

Raspberries at HOB Chicago,where my favorite drummer in the world,Brad Elvis, showed up onstage with the opening band(he's now with the Romantics)

Uncle Tupelo on their 2nd to last show ever, before splitting up to form Wilco and Son Volt.

Wilco in Champaign,Il Feb. 8, 2005-it was my first date with my fiance

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Actually, I drove to the earliest ('67) at the Ambassador Theater, in my parents' '62 Rambler.

Now, I remember them driving me to see the Stones at Uline Arena in '65....but don't remember much about the show, other than I couldn't really hear anything due to the girls screaming!

To let you know about my priorities in life, I was at the Baltimore Civic Center watching Blind Faith, Taste, and Delaney & Bonnie the night the first man walked on the moon in '69......

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My very first concert featured: Buddy Holly and Jerry Lee Lewis. Neither act was particularly electrifying. Actually, Larry Williams (Boney Maroney, Short Fat Fanny - real title) stole the show. Screamin' Jay Hawkins was a hoot as well, and how can I forget the local group Dickie Doo and the Donts (I kid you not). Not a great show but a memorable one.

Sound wise the best concert I ever attended was "Boston." Note for note, inflection for inflection, perfect.

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My First Concert was the Hughes Corporation which left an impression mainly because it was my first. The other memorable one was The Sweet at the Bowl Of Brooklands which is an outdoor amphitheatre and they were Sooo loud... for those days anyway..

The "Bowl" was not an easy venue to be successful at due the the expanse of water between the stage and the audience but Sweet pulled it off but other groups "bombed" there because they struggled to get the crowd with them.

Another group that sucessfully performed there was The Seekers. I remember the night because we spent a lot of the time watching the Russian Sputnik fly overhead. Some of you wont even know what one of them was.

Muzza cool

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