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I detest the lyric s of...

Carmen Smalley

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The lyric tells of a son who detests his dad for leaving the family and naming him "Sue".

Because of other people's bias toward a boy named Sue.....the singer is picked on throughout life and is forced to grow up tough.

As country music fate would have it...as an adult, Sue meets up with his father purely by chance, and confronts him. A fight ensues (pun intended)...and ultimately the father tells his son that he knew he was going to leave his family and figured his son would grow up strong for the tough times ahead..if he was named Sue.

Absolutely no homophobia here in the song that doesn't get ridiculed.

This song is a metaphor for father and son relationships..and specifically why sons often have strained relationships with their fathers until later in life ..when sons realize WHY the father does certain things.

Think of this as a country version of Cat Stevens' "Father and Son".


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Hey guys....Do you think it was easy growing up with a name like Giro???? I mean...what the hell is a Giro????? I used to question my father on how he gave me that name. He said I was named after my Grandfather....they called my Grandfather....Jimmy...go figure. His real first name was Giro....from now on...call me Jimmy!! Lmao. Crazy goombahs indeed.

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G Man,

That post was supposed to read it's a great NAME... I've been working at the computer all day, and my eyes are beginning to cross. But the rest of the post was right... you are a gentleman!

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