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It's ODD how the worm turns...TV/Video

Lee Marshall

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This is inspired as I sit here diggin' the sounds of Paul Revere and the Raiders...Mark Lindsay version.

Used to be that IF one had a TV show...Glen Campbell, Tom Jones, Englebert Humperdink and Paul Revere [et al] ALL come to mind...your career was gonna take a nose dive. Too much exposure? Images shattered? 'Cool' illiminated?

Now it's the opposite. Gotta be there via video. Appearances on shows was acceptable...in fact to great advantage back in the day...but OVERexposure was a nail in the old coffin.

Paul Revere and the Raiders put out some GREAT tunes...yet somehow got labelled as a bubblegum band. While they eventually seemed to go that route...based perhaps more on Lindsay's boyish good looks...their body of work is chalk-full of some great little ROCKIN' tunes. Kicks, Hungry, Good Thing, Great Airplane Strike, Him or Me, Ups and Downs, Don't Take It So Hard, Indian Reservation.

I'd say that they have been forgotten/discarded and that THAT'S a shame. Yep...'video' killed these radio stars. And then there's now.........

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Think that song was by the Buggles...or something like that Gord. As for the Stampeders...loads of great songs. Lousy live, in that they didn't play their songs on stage anywhere near what they recorded in the studio. But...for this discussion they don't apply. Their TV exposure was limited...by comparison.

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I remember seeing The Paul Revere and The Raiders, I think it was on American Bandstand

They were on the show a few times.

How about Sonny And Cher Show, their were good guests on the show.

I remember watching a Johnny Cash Show with Glen

Campbell, I always watched tom Jones, Glen Campbell, Johnny Cash Sonny and Cher shows, talk about the memories of great music.

That lasted for quite some time.

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That Sonny and Cher show is another example Gord. Finished them as a record selling duo...although Cher would later pick up steam again. The other is Kenny Rogers. His TV show finished off the First Edition...and he would subsequently return to super-star status as a solo...after the TV show had been forgotten. ['Rollin' On The River' I think it was called...it was done at the CFTO studios in Agincourt. Went to see it done live one night when I was in college. Guests that night? Ike and Tina Turner...singing 'I Wanna Take You Higher'.]

Maybe Mr E can remember the name of the show that Paul Revere and the Raiders were the weekly 'house-band' on...'It's Happening'? Something like that...or was it Hullabaloo? [My mind has been wiped in terms of recalling that kind of info.]

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