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Dave, Bruce Springsteen loves you!!


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That is ultimately cool!

Personally, I like the idea of introducing stuff to people, who have otherwise not heard before. My own personal policy when I've played live, for "warm up" tapes when setting up, is to co-promote other local bands' stuff, as well as dig out a few of favorite "relative obscurities"--

which of course includes some Raspberries...but also b-side gems and "deep tracks" of well-known artist favorities.

I'm glad someone else is thinking the same way! Especially the Boss!

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I now live way up north in the ice and snow [well at least from early December til early April ... then it melts] The woman who lives across the road got a post card from Bruce...saying how he missed seeing her at a show he did in the New York OR New Jersy area a while ago. [i can't remember which one] Seems he has a VERY warm spot for his LONG time fans...the ones he's come to know over the long haul

A personal touch that really knocked me out. [as it did HER]

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before the show, the house music played "It's Cold Outside"...the original 45....

I think E Street guitarist, Springsteen side-kick, Sopranos star and garage band music afficiando/DJ Steven Van Zandt puts together those pre-show music sets.
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