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What songs will the Stones play at halftime of Super Bowl?


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I was told by an industry insider that they are thinking about finishing up their half-time show with a Village People medley.

Chalie Watts as the contruction worker

Ron Wood as the cowboy

Keith Richard as the Indian chief

Mick as the motorcycle cop

Hey! The Ad Hoc Band had that idea first!
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if the Rolling Stones were really truly still an incredible band and had their heads screwed on this is what they'd do:

1. Rip This Joint

2. Route 66

3. Stray Cat Blues

4. Jumpin Jack Flash

5. Sweet Virginia

or be dark:

1. Sympathy For The Devil

2. Gimme Shelter

3. Play With Fire

4. 2000 Light Years From Home

5. Monkey Man

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well.... since it's a 12-minute set, try this:

extendo twofer-- (i.e. no break in between songs)

1. Gimme Shelter

2. Sympathy For The Devil

old fast rules:

1. Rip This Joint

2. Not Fade Away

3. Route 66

4. Paint It Black

5. Around And Around


1. 2000 Light Years From Home

2. We Love You

3. Dandelion


1. Rocks Off

2. All Down The Line

3. Happy

4. Sweet Virginia

what they probably will do:

1. single from Bigger bang

2. Start Me Up

3. Satisfaction

4. It's Only R&R

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