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Cavestomp 2007 - Return of The Sonics(!!!)


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The lineups for the 3 nights of Cavestomp were announced on Friday - The Sonics will be reuniting (at least 3 of them...including Gerry Roslie, the best screamer and White interpreter of Little Richard ever!) for the first time in 35 years, and headlining on Friday, 11/2, and Sunday, 11/4. Headlining Saturday night - The Strawberry Alarm Clock!

Other acts - Fri - The Thanes (beat group from Scotland), Satelliters (Germany), Outta Place (from NY, their first shows in over 20 years), and The Staggers (Austria); Sat - the New Colony Six, Alarm Clocks (from Parma, OH, who opened for The Choir last year in Cleveland), Urges (Ireland), and Higher State (Texas);

Sunday - The Fleshtones, Wildebeests (UK), Hall Monitors (Wash, DC), and a support act to be named later.

Tickets - $40/night, or $90 for all 3 nights. I'll be there all 3 nights....Warsaw Hall, Brooklyn, NY

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Hollies65 - I think the real sleeper here is The Alarm Clocks, who'll be very tough for the New Colony Six and Strawberry Alarm Clock to follow...especially in light of the recent posts here about the NC Six, where people were very disappointed by their live show...The SAC is planning to play their entire "Incense & Peppermints" album - should be interesting since the singer of the title tune (Greg Munford)wasn't really a band member, and never played live with them at all!

(I also noticed where original lead guitarist (and later member of Lynyrd Skynyrd) Ed King won't be playing with them at Cavestomp. Lee Freeman (R.Gtr, Vocals), Randy Seol (drums, vocals), George Bunnell (bass), Mark Seitz (Keybds, vocals), Gene Gunnels (drums on the single "I&P"), and Steve Bartek (flute), with a ringer or two, will be playing.)

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Just in case any members from NJ or NY are thinking of checking out Cavestomp in November....some words from Wikipedia about headliners The Sonics -

"The Sonics were a member of the wave of Pacific Northwest American garage rock groups in the early and mid-1960s, pioneered by The Kingsmen and The Wailers . Among The Sonics' other contemporaries were The Drastics, The Dynamics, The Regents, and Paul Revere & the Raiders. This movement is credited with founding Seattle's well-known music scene which survives to the present. Seattle native Jimi Hendrix is reported to have been highly influenced by the band.

The Sonics' sound is noticeably rougher, cruder, and more brutal than that of their musical peers. Although they had a fairly standard instrumental line up for the time, The Sonics made their unique sound with wild arrangements, often disturbing lyrics, peppered with screaming and howling, and electric guitars played through amplifiers customized to achieve the harshest tones possible.....

The songs they played were a mixture of garage rock standards ("Louie, Louie"), early rock and roll ("Jenny, Jenny") and original compositions such as "Strychnine", "Psycho", and "The Witch", all based upon simple chord sequences, played hard and fast. The lyrics of The Sonics' original material dealt with early '60s teenage culture; cars, guitars, surfing, and girls (in songs like "The Hustler" and "Maintaining My Cool") alongside darker subject matter such as drinking strychnine for kicks, witches, psychopaths, and Satan (in the songs "Strychnine", "The Witch", "Psycho", and "He's Waiting", respectively)......Gerry Roslie was the first white man to record a frightening rock 'n' roll scream in earnest..."

I've been waiting 40 years to see these guys live!!!

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The last band added to Cavestomp 2007 will be The Lyres (from Boston) on Sunday.

It just dawned on me, what an incredible year 2007 has been for live shows of bands who have arisen from the proverbial dead to reunite and play again......I've seen (in chronological order) - Mary Weiss (out of music for over 30 years) twice, in March (Cleveland) and 2 weekends ago (NYC); The Stooges (disbanded from around 1974 to 2003) in April (DC); Roky Erickson & The Explosives (Roky hadn't played with a band from 1982 or so to 2006), twice in April (NYC); Radio Birdman (missing in action from '78-'96, finally played in the US in 2006-2007) in June (Baltimore); the New York Dolls (MIA from '75 - '04) in July (DC); Peter & Gordon (reunited after 35 years) in August (Annapolis); Raspberries (we know their story), twice in NYC 2 weekends ago......and I'll finally see The Sonics, twice in NYC next month (11/2, 11/4, after being MIA since around '68).....not to mention a great show in June (SF) by Roy Loney, original Flamin' Groovies singer, who has always stayed active, but might as well not have been, if his CD/record sales are any indication.....and two great, great shows last weekend by The Wildhearts, on just their 2nd US mini-tour since their formation around 1989 (in NYC)....

(And I'm not even mentioning the other older bands from the upcoming Cavestomp - Strawberry Alarm Clocks, New Colony Six, Alarm Clocks).

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Hollies - What's funny about those Choir/Alarm Clocks shows in March '06.....I was in Austin, TX 2 weeks later for SXSW (actually, I didn't get a $600 wristband - I was running around the city, going to unsanctioned shows, which were just as good, without the 4-5 hour waits to get into the clubs!), at Roky Erickson's Ice Cream Social at Threadgills.....One of the bands playing there that day was Magic Christian (Cyril Jordan's latest band), whose bassist at the time was Alec Palao, noted rock historian/critic. I saw Alec & walked up to him to show him my Choir reunion show T-shirt I had gotten at Beachland. He took one look at it and said - "Yeah, I heard they were very good....and the Alarm Clocks were great, no?" Word had gotten to the west coast already.....

(I suspect The Alarm Clocks will blow away the Strawberry Alarm Clock and New Colony Six on Saturday night.....)

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GMan - I'm really interested in seeing how Gerry R. is holding up....rumor has it, he had a heart transplant within the past decade(!!?)....If this is true, I'm wondering about him coming out 2 nights and screaming his lungs out (which, let's face it, is the only way he ever sang!)

The Sonics for Cavestomp, BTW, will be Gerry, two other originals, Larry Parypa on guitar & Rob Lind on sax, and two ringers - Don Wilhelm of the Daily Flash on bass, and Dave Rowland of The Wailers on drums....They've turned down the Ponderosa Stomp and several other fests - rumor has it the Cavestomp shows will be the only ones they do!

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Plenty of tickets are still available - $40 per night, or $90 for all three....at Warsaw Hall in Brooklyn, which has an adjoining bar and will be selling Polish delights (kielbasa, hunter's stew, etc.) at the concession stands...along with dozens of tables with CDs, t-shirts, etc. Most bands appearing will have their own tables. It'll be a treat!!!

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I added this post from another thread to this one as well.......

Just got back from NYC after being out 'til 2-3 in the morning for 3 straight nights.....

My thoughts on Cavestomp (for the 2-3 members of this board who may actually be interested....)

The Sonics were ungodly f***ing great!!!!!! Gerry Roslie is very frail and weak looking, having undergone a heart transplant (he now has a 30 year old woman's heart) and cancer problems (liver, intestines) over the past 10 years....but he's still got a great voice, even if he's no longer the force of nature he once was! He clearly isn't able to scream all night anymore....40 years later. Some of the shouter songs (Cinderella, Dirty Robber) were turned over to the bass player (Don Wilhelm of the Daily Flash), who's a good screamer. They played 22 songs on Friday, and 20 last night (cut out covers of Do You Love Me & Leave My Kitten Alone), encoring both nights with Louie Louie and The Witch. All of the old classics (Psycho, Have Love Will Travel, Strychnine, Shot Down, etc. sounded great, and the shows were taped for a live CD/DVD in the future. The band has turned down the Ponderosa Stomp and other gigs...I'm not sure about Roslie's condition. I'm certainly glad I saw these two shows, though!!!

Other highlights -

First night -

The Staggers from Austria are a very wild garage band, obviously influenced by the early Stones, Pretty Things, etc. They did a very solid set.

The Outta Place from NYC - a bit disappointing; average garage band, doing decent versions of the usual covers (Syndicate of Sounds' Little Girl to close their set)

The Satelliters - great live act, although I heard very little of their newly discovered vocal prowess on their last full-lengther (very early Hollies influence...)

The Thanes - from Scotland - a bit on the boring side, even if they are "legendary". Front man Lenny Helsing's other band The Wildebeests was much better last night.

Sonics - see comments above.

Second night - The worst night of any Cavestomp in history, IMO.....

The Higher State fronm England - one of only 2 good bands that night - very Byrds-influenced.

The Urges - Boring

The Alarm Clocks - definitely Saturday's highlight ! - A lot of great songs from their upcoming new CD, coming out early next year...They were better than at the 3/06 Choir shows in Cleveland

New Colony Six - Basically a damn Las Vegas lounge act at this point!!! - Their singer and his "comedy act" probably go over very well with the blue-hairs in a cocktail lounge, but these guys were VERY disappointing. The music was so-so at best, the act was terrible!

Strawberry Alarm Clock - Great musicians, but their music had/has little to do with garage or punk rock....it was kinds like watching Frank Zappa & The Mothers - very jazz-influenced, included a 10 minute drum solo!!!

Third night -

The Hall Monitors from DC - shockingly good, Eddie Angrl from Los Straitjackets joined them for their last 3 numbers....I need to check these guys (and 1 girl) out...

The Wildebeests - Excellent primitive beat music! Kinda like The Kaisers only more Bo Diddley inflenced than Beatles....

The Lyres - Great as usual - I've seen them many times....

The Fleshtones - ditto, only their act is getting a bit old to me now....

Sonics - See comments above....

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