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Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Class of 2006


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There's no question about it: 'Never Mind the Bullocks' is a 'desert island' LP for sure (I always like to say that it's one of my fave 'power pop' LPs of all time ...to me it's way more pop than 'punk' - but that's just me).

Rasberrywine's got it absolutely straight on re: Alice Cooper (have y'all ever listened to 'Caught In A Dream'? Now THAT's rock 'n roll).

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Originally posted by raspberrywine:

[QB] The Sex Pistols bodes well for the Raspberries, at least indirectly.

NOT REALLY.... The SEX PISTOLS changed an entire country, if not region... they were like an atom bomb in England in 1977 & (along with The Clash & Ramones) the quintesential punk rock band...

if you change England, you can indirectly change the USA... Sex Pistols did that... see any kids today with piercings??? and dye in their hair? and spiked hair?? it ain't because Bob Seger is on the radio all the time...

also imagine a song coming out today saying Bush is a moron, potential H-bomb going to the top?

great UK chart success:

God Save The Queen #2

Pretty Vacant #6

Holidays In The Sun #8

"Never Mind The Bollocks" #1

No One Is Innocent (a punk prayer by Ronnie Biggs) #7

Something Else #3

"Great R&R Swindle" soundtrack #3

Silly Thing #6

C'mon Everybody #3

"Some Product" (useless oddities collection) #6

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I also have never understood the fascination with the Pistols

I like a quick three minute song also, but at least give me something that has a sense of melody and has evidence that thought and intelligence went into the construction of the song.

MARVIN, i give you, "Never Mind The Bollocks, Here's The Sex Pistols"-- like Bob Allen said, it's a power pop record... and it's about as wicked a condemnation of the 1970s UK government, you'll want to hear... it's vitriol coming from a source of intelligence, albeit, a wee bit CRASS, but nonetheless INTENSE and without shame... and Sir Rotten's aplomb was pure R&R attitude...

the "construction" of their songs is WHAT gives them POWER: see: "Holidays In The Sun" or "EMI" or "Anarchy In The UK"-- almost everything works on a release formula not unlike our boys The Raspberries... I'm telling you, it makes more sense to play the Sex Pistols after "Ecstasy" or "I Don't Know What I Want" than Pezband or Candy...

now if we could see the forfathers like Mott The Hoople, New York Dolls, Stooges, and Alice Cooper get in there...

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Regarding the rumor about Chris Spedding playing guitar on "Never Mind The Bollocks"....per Chris himself, it ain't him on it, although he's pretty sure he did do some overdub guitar work on the original version of the LP, later released as "Spunk", and under various other names. (Spedding produced the original version as well.)

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Oh yes Lew!!, Again like Michael Bruce doesnt get the credit. Neil Smith was incredible. I think he often played a Slingerland set, with double bass drums,no? That was a helluva a rock band. "Easy Action" still my favorite, which is a really unusual record with about 3 or 4 different styles on it.(Ofcourse Frank Zappa was involved so it makes sense.) Regarding Sex Pistols, who I like very much, if you think back to that time period in the U.S. their influence was much, much lesser than U.K. The U.S. sorta of got it after their tour and much later on. I remember Elvis Costello really pitching himself as a punk in those early tours. Pistols were more influencial with U.S. bands than the record buying public. I seem to recall the U.S. public getting more excited about the watered-down new wave bands that followed. Duran Duran, Simple Minds, Culture Club, Ad Hoc Band etc.

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This year's event will be held in New York City {eat your heart out CubfanMike) on March 13,2006 although it appears to be nearly impossible to get a ticket. For more information go to www.rockhall.com . List of inductees lists "sex pistol" not "sex pistols". Sloppy listing or does Johnny and the boys planning on some no-shows. (see earlier post on this thread for more information). We shall see. Never a dull moment with the Pistols.

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Chicago doesnt need to be a part of something that doesnt consider the Raspberries and many other fine groups an important contribution to Rock music. With that said Chicago should be the new hosts for the baseball hall of fame as the Cooperston is already to crowded with former Chicago players: Bruce Sutter, Ryne Sandberg etc etc.

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Did I mention that Chicago is home of Baseballs World Series Champions. New york hasnt won in this century yet! wink


I don't think any one's buying into you being a Chicago White Sox fan now that they won. Not with a name like CUBFANMike.

If at first you don't succeed try, try, again.

Let me know when you want to compare the Cubs World Series success to that of the Yankees. Heck, you guys can't even compare World Series success stories with our NY Mets.

Oh, by the way Mikey Poo youv'e wandered off thread again.

Sex Pistols Rule!

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I don't like Sabbath one iota, but I'll at least give them credit for being innovators. Blondie, on the other hand, for the life of me I cannot understand why they are in the RRHoF - And I actually like Blondie! I think the people who do the RRHoF voting must also have a connection with the Baseball Hall of Fame.


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Tommy Sex Pistols music could be written by any teenage garage band that can play 3 chords. How did you become a Raspberries EC fan with such poor taste in music? My Rock N Roll hall of fame 1st ballot inductees would have the following:



Led Zeppelin


Pink Floyd

The Doors


Bob Dylan

Rolling Stones

The Who

Baseball Hall Of Fame

Cooperstown is New York Biased... You take away all the New York Players stuff... and the place wouldnt even be half full.

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Baseball Hall Of Fame

Cooperstown is New York Biased... You take away all the New York Players stuff... and the place wouldnt even be half full. [/QB][/quote

Thanks lil' cubbie boy you made my point for me. Yankees Rule! They have dominated baseball more than any other team has dominated any other major sport in America.

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I went to two fantastic concerts last year in Chicago...

Raspberries were given a rousing reception by Chicago at the HOB...What a concert that was!

Paul McCartney played for almost 2 3/4 hours straight at the United Center..including 37 tunes! Great concert!

Chicago rocks!!


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Some other notable artist for Rock Hall of Fame




Van Halen



Reo Speedwagon


Deep Purple



Jimi Hendrix


Beach Boys

Bee Gees

Doesnt my Hall Of Fame make more sense?

Hey Mikey Boy,

One too many birthdays. Senility is creeping in. Since when does it make sense to nominate bands/artists for the Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame that are ALREADY IN IT? I got an idea you'll LOVE. Perhaps they shoud just nominate the Beatles, Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan and The Who every year. And induct them every year too. isn't that a great idea lil' cubbie boy.

I'm not even going to mention your nominating Styx, Journey, Triumph and REO Speedwagon. Barf!!!

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