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This one defines Doo-Wop


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Yes! The harmony really gets to me because I truly love it when several back-up voices can pull that off without ruining the lead singer's vocals.

That's also why I love Raspgberries music so much,I believe.

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And they're real entertainers...I was watching the Four Tops the other night and commented to a friend that you don't see the choreography like there once was...The Platters..The Spinners, The Temptations...they never loose a beat or step out of sync...And what happen to "Dinner and a Show?"

They may not all be considered Doo-Wop but they came out of it.

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Remember my older brothers and sisters playing "Gee" by The Crows and "Story Untold" by The Nutmegs when i was very young. I remember my sister buying me a novelty doo-wop record titled "Roaches" by The Court Jesters. I haven't heard that in decades.

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Maybe this was posted before but it bears repeating. This is what it's all about.



Since you used to live in Connecticut, "In the Still of the Night" was consistently voted the #1 song by CBS-FM's listeners when the station would compile its Top 500 Weekend. Of course now the station wants/needs a younger demo to attract advertisers, and doo wop has been eliminated from the station's playlist. The only time you'll hear it is if Don K. Reed or Norm N. Nite host the Sunday night "NY Radio Greats" show.


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