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Your top ten bands of the 60s???


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Ive been looking for music with nothing but good cheer but guess it doesnt sell very good cause even the most friendly song seems to have something sad to say..

My favourite music is usually instrumental only and a bit uplifting - I loved Liberace he was ace - but then again Im a person who cries watching Lassie so what can you do? but I wish I could find just one album that had all cheerful songs and song titles on it but this is rare

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The "stomping on plywood" sound was also used on the Supreme's "Baby Love" as well....but it was that Joe Meek production which started the plywood thing.

If I recall correctly, John Farrar---who later became Olivia Newton John's primary songwriter and guitar player----was also with the Shadows.

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John Farrar joined The Shadows after playing with Marvin Welch Farrar & Co. (or whatever they were formally called) the Shadows off-shoot group which also sang, while the Shadows were on a temporary hiatus in the early 70's. When they reunited around '73 or '74, they had 3 guitarists - Hank Marvin, of course, longtime rhythm guitarist Bruce Welch, and Farrar. I believe there have probably been about 25-30 members of The Shadows over the past 4 and a half decades.

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