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Your top ten bands of the 60s???


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In more or less order....(and 10's not nearly enough)

(1) Otis Redding and whoever's backing him

(2) Rolling Stones

(3) Bob Dylan and whoever's backing him

(4) Beatles (pre-Sgt. Pepper)

(5) Byrds (pre-Sweetheart of Rodeo)

(6) Moby Grape

(7) The Who (pre-Tommy)

(8) Beach Boys

(9) The Kinks

(10) (tie) Jimi Hendrix Experience

(10) (tie) James Brown & The Famous Flames

(10) (tie) Paul Butterfield Blues Band (with Mike Bloomfield)

(Runner-ups - Cream, Dave Clark Five, Hollies (with Nash), Yardbirds (with Beck), Easybeats, Bobby Fuller Four, Searchers, Supremes, Wilson Pickett, The Move)

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1. Beach Boys

2. 4 Seasons

3. Zombies

4. Beatles

5. Temptations

6. Yardbirds

7. Turtles

8. Hollies

9. WHO

10. Dave Clark 5

11...as someone else bonused their list...The Animals, Rascals, Paul Revere and the Raiders, Rolling Stones, Lovin Spoonful, original Byrds, Mamas & Papas, McCoys, Kinks, Searchers, Jan & Dean, Association, Jimi's Experience, Simon and Farginkel, The Guess Who, Cliff and the Shadows, Sly and the Family Stone, the Band, Steppenwolf, Led Zeppelin [for 2 lps] and Cream. Everything else paled by comparison...although the Moody Blues were really starting to roll BIG Time before the decade ended...and Herman's Hermits are under-rated. [the Monkees on the other hand...SEVERELY OVER-rated]

My list's order will differ tomorrow...although the Beach Boys WILL stay at #1...EVERY day. They're in a league of their own.

[ps: I saw individual names on a list or two. Hardly groups/bands say what?]

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Cliff Richard and the Shadows. Those guys could REALLY play...and Cliff could really sing. Judging from the sounds...I'd say they influenced the Beatles way, WAY more than the Fabs ever admitted.

Listen to 'Bachelor Boy'. THAT'S the Beatles...or at least the sound they adopted.

By the way TECHO EXPERTS...HELP!!!! How the heck did the DC5 get that full, driving, THUMPIN' drum sound? I know Dave played the drums but MAN their bottom end was rich and heavy compared to virtually everybody else's.

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Lee interesting that you mention Cliff and the Shadows. Other than Europe and Canada, Cliff's 1950's / 1960's material went unnoticed, for the most part, and it wasn't until "Devil Woman" in the early 1970's that the U.S. started paying attention. My mom and dad used to serenade us with "Bachelor Boy" all the time.


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The very loud, thumping drums of the "Tottenham Sound" of the DC5 was allegedly a combination of (1) miking the drums very loudly, and using multiple mikes; (2) strategically using foot stomps (boots on plywood) in some cases to double the drum parts (an idea Clark swiped from Joe Meek (e.g., The Honeycombs' "Have I The Right?") who had first swiped the idea from Bob Crewe (early Four Seasons); and (3) a very old recording console, which, by the way, is now in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, on the 2nd or 3rd floor. This console (and I can't remember the make or model) was supposedly the secret ingredient to their sound.

I always wondered back then...and still do....just what the early Beatles would have sounded like, had they been produced by Clark or Joe Meek, and not George Martin. (Of course, I also salivated over the thought of the Ramones being produced by Phil Spector, and the results were very disappointing.....although PS is still allegedly sitting on the "real" masters for "End Of The Century", and actually put out a 2nd rate product, due to Sire Records President/owner Seymour Stein refusing to pay Phil S. his promised fee in full.)

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(Off topic but a quick response...)

I encourage you to read 'Here There & Everywhere' for many of the 'studio tricks' that author Geoff Emerick, Hurricane Smith and the others came up with....many times on the fly. They broke pretty much all of The EMI rules regarding miking & wiring, recording & editing...even the way the drum heads were loosened.

Mike Gibbins loved to tell the story of the Come & Get It sessions, as they were evolving out of The Iveys into Badfinger. McCartney himself de-tuned Mike's drums to get that 'Beatle' sound, most of which was the kick drum. (Mike was a little put off, but hey...you can't talk back to a Beatle, right?!)

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Why not Paul? Heather's making oodles per schtoop [pro-rated]...and from talkin' back to that VERY same guy.

John thanks for the Dave + 4 info. Regardless of who they 'scoffed' it from...they perfected it...and [until technology improved] I believe they were the masters of that THUMP/BOOOOOM...til they themselves stopped THUMPIN' and BOOMIN'.

[yer rite bout the 4 Seasons too. Crewe/Gaudio...they got the best North American drum sound for quite a stretch...at least til Brian figured it out for Pet Sounds...and the Bobby Fuller 4.

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1.The Beatles

2.The Stones

3.The Who

4.The Beach Boys

5.The Doors

6.The Turtles

7.Jimi Hendrix Experience

8.The Grassroots

9.Tommy James & The Shondells


Honorable Mention : The Kinks, Monkees, Dave Clark Five, Hermans Hermits, Supremes, Temptations, Paul Revere & The Raiders, Gary Puckett & The Union Gap & The Choir.

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You know it's funny....Everyone who is a Raspberries fan is obviously a Brithish Invasion fan...and the American band most of us pick other than The Beach Boys...is The Byrds...who are very Brit sounding[At least the best incarnation of the band is]. I know everyone who has posted a list loves CCR...but we could not push aside our anglophile tendencies to include em! Look at Eric's list! I thought I was the Brit invasion nut!

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You know h65...I am guilty of bein' just plain dumb. For some reason I always think of CCR as a 70s band...way too modern sounding for that old 'lot'. And their sound has really stood up. In many ways...[with specific exceptions] it just doesn't sound dated at all. [even if they were fully cookin through 68 and 69]

Good call by EC on Procol Harum...which most of us missed too. Lot's of success into the 70s for them as well...but their classic sound...totally 60s.

Nifty thread. We should look at solo artists from the 60s too.

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