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Did you know ...(Music Trivia)?


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Bob Dylan actually did a duet with Brian Wilson on an unrelased take of "Spirit of Rock and Roll".

The sax solo on Foreigner's "Urgent" was done by Motown great Jr. Walker.

Roy Harper is somewhat famous in the UK, but almost unknown in the US....some interesting Harper tie-ins.....Zeppelin did a tune called "Hats off to Roy Harper".....and it is actually Harper himself, as a guest, on lead vocals for Pink Floyd's "Have a Cigar".

Linda McCartney actually came up with(and played) the electric piano lick in the middle of "Live and Let Die".(Paul was very proud of her work, incidentally).

The take used on Mary Wells' "My Guy" was actually the last of over 20. The musicians were sick of it and wanted to wrap it up quick. The horn players stuck in parts of "Begin the Beguine" and "Canadian Sunset" in the intro. They figured, once they got done, that this song would never chart.

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Yes, Danny, sometimes that mellotron can fool people. The Moody Blues did some things on that which were not the instrument you expected.

Steve Miller's "Abracadabra" was originally intended for Diana Ross, of all people.

And the Crystals' "He's a Rebel" was supposed to go to Vikki Carr first.

The guitar licks on Van Morrison's "Wild Night" were actually played by Ronnie Montrose, of all people.

Peter Frampton played the guitar track on Frankie Valli's "Grease".

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"Bob Dylan actually did a duet with Brian Wilson on an unrelased take of "Spirit of Rock and Roll"."

And it's been widely bootlegged on several versions of his unreleased "Sweet Insanity" album.

"Roy Harper is somewhat famous in the UK, but almost unknown in the US....some interesting Harper tie-ins.....Zeppelin did a tune called "Hats off to Roy Harper".....and it is actually Harper himself, as a guest, on lead vocals for Pink Floyd's "Have a Cigar"."

On Roy's 1975 album, "HQ", Jimmy Page is allegedly playing lead guitar on the 13 minute-plus leadoff track, "The Game" - a truly mind-bending solo. Per Harper several years later, Page tried several times and failed at playing the solo the way RH wanted. David Gilmour also tried, but Roy wasn't happy with the results. Studio ace Chris Spedding walked in carrying a telecaster without a case, plugged in, nailed the very complex solo in one take, demanded his money, was paid, and walked back out.....all in under a half an hour.

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Washington, DC guitar legend Danny Gatton was taken by his father to classical guitarist and noted teacher Sophocles Papas (who taught Charlie Byrd, among others) for a lesson when he was 8 years old. Papas told Mr. Gatton after a single one hour lesson - "There's nothing I can teach your boy! Everything he hears, he can play immediately!" Danny studied for awhile with him anyway, to learn proper classical technique....

P.S. He was doing Les Paul triple and quadruple-tracked tricks by the time he was in his early teens, with a home-made tape loop machine he invented and installed on his guitar.

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That wasn't a guitar on Bungalow Bill:

The opening riff that sounds like a flamenco guitar was played on a Mellotron, which is a type of synthesizer(I didnt realize this either)

Not so much like a synthesizer, more like the first sampler. That flamenco lick isn't someone playing those notes on a keyboard... it's someone holding down one note on the keyboard and a tape being played back!

Basically every note was an 8 second stretch of tape being played whenever someone struck a key... the Flamenco sound is part of their "FX" series. This is also the instrument that did those flutes on Strawberry Fields forever and you've heard the Tron strings and choir on a million recordings from that time too... (Moody Blues used it a lot.)

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Chevy Chase played drums for a Psychedelic rock band called "Chameleon Church" (I think their album came out in '68...)

Al Stewart taught Jimmy Page the traditional folk song "White Mountain Side" Which Jimmy then released as "Black Mountain Side" (with songwriting credits to Page!)

Al Stewart was also a roomate with Paul Simon for a while during Paul's first London trip... in a desperate time he offered Al the chance to buy the rights to "Homeward Bound" "Sounds of Silence" (and I believe) Wed. 3A.M. for about 15 pounds... he was broke! (Cue Homer FX: DOH!)

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Danny - Yes, Danny G. was GOD-Almighty on guitar!!!

I have tons of great stories from hanging out with him, usually at the American Guitar Center in Wheaton, MD., or Zavarella's Music in Arlington, VA., both places sadly closed.....example - his showing a teenager how to properly play "Eruption". Danny was screwing around at AGC, trying to play slide on a recent tele with a human skull(not easy), when an obnoxious kid starts trying to do "Eruption" with a 50s strat thru an old tweed Bassman in the same room. Danny asked to borrow the strat, played an ungodly fast version of the "tune" (I'd guess about twice its normal speed), adding his usual flourishes and banjo rolls to the 2-handed tapping, then hands the strat back to the kid. Innocently enough, I say - "Danny, I've never heard you do that tapping shit." "Good reason - I've never tried it before!" The kid left...

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Second funny Gatton story - Danny really liked the tweed Bassman reissues that Fender did in the early 90s. He bought 3 of them to take with him to NYC for a couple of gigs there, I'd say about '91 or so (he was plugging "88 Elmira Street," his first LP for Elektra at the time). For reasons known only to Danny, he thought tweed amps sounded better with a coat of shellac over the tweed...so he asked his roadie (who will remain unnamed) to shellac the amps in time for the NY trip. The roadie not only waited a bit too long to apply the shellac, but put the covers on the 3 amps before they were, shall we say, completely dry.....Danny got to NYC, and couldn't get the covers off the amps!...ended up razoring them off, but they looked crappy, so he borrowed a reissue Bassman for the gigs....

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DALLAS - The widow of Sammy Davis Jr. is suing two former business partners over the rights to the Rat Pack entertainer's life story and management of his legacy.

Altovise Davis says in a lawsuit filed in federal court that the two men exaggerated their show-business credentials and defrauded her into signing away some rights to her husband's estate.

The entertainer — a fixture in Las Vegas with fellow Rat Pack members Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin and Joey Bishop — died of throat cancer in 1990 at age 64. He owed more than $5 million to the IRS, forcing his widow to auction many of his personal belongings.

Altovise Davis says she gave her intellectual rights to Sammy Davis Jr. Enterprises Inc., formed in 2004 by Barrett LaRoda and Anthony Francis, in return for a one-third share in the business.

She alleges the men hid the company's financial records from her.

Things came to a head, according to the lawsuit, during negotiations with a studio that wanted to make a biopic about Davis. The movie was to be partly based on two books — "Yes I Can" and "Why Me?" — that Davis wrote with the help of friends Judy and Burt Boyar. Altovise Davis and the Boyars held copyright interest in the books.

According to the lawsuit, LaRoda and Francis killed the movie negotiations by demanding a "substantial" fee and credit as executive producers.

The Boyars company, Dallas-based Boyar Investments LLC, joined Altovise Davis in suing the men. The lawsuit was filed last month in state court but was moved to federal court in Dallas because of copyright issues. Altovise Davis is seeking unspecified monetary and punitive damages.

In an e-mail to The Associated Press, LaRoda said he was trying only to get Mrs. Davis more money from the movie. Davis is "like a mother to me" but is being manipulated by Burt Boyar, LaRoda said.

"I think the movie should be made ... and 'Yes I Can' is a great source material," LaRoda told the AP. "The sad thing here is the tarnishing" of Sammy Davis' image.

In a court filing, LaRoda and Francis said Altovise Davis' royalties more than quadrupled after she signed up with them and that their efforts helped rebuild her husband's image.

LaRoda's company, The LaRoda Group Inc. of Reseda, Calif., is also a defendant.

Davis' lawyer, Michael Lynn, said the widow is devastated that LaRoda and Francis "have decided to hold this movie hostage to their own selfish interests." She hopes the lawsuit will clear the way for the movie to get made, he said.

On its Web site, the LaRoda Group has a picture of LaRoda, Francis and Altovise Davis with Larry King on the set of King's CNN talk show.

Mrs. Davis is also upset that Sammy does not receive the proper credit for his recordings..."He sang back-up on Brown Eyed Girl, yet people refuse to believe it"...

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Hahahaha! I googled that exact same AP story. Can someone post the link that has the 'Brown Eyed Girl' part in it? http://hosted.ap.org/dynamic/stories/P/P...EMPLATE=DEFAULT

C'mon Potopian...do you give me a little credit? I do know my stuff...I have looked at the official AP story. Lew added that last part.Ha! read it...It's so out of place it's rib tickling!

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Why is anyone even arguing with Lew over the Sammy Jr. issue? Doesn't anyone know when he's f***ing with us? Agree, BTW - the quote he posted, including his personal addendum, is hilarious!!! Lew's the best!

A legit question that no one's raised yet - Did Sammy Davis, Jr. even know who Van Morrison was??? Remember - this was a swingin' cat whose idea of rock & roll was covering Blood, Sweat & Tears songs! (and not even the Al Kooper era ones!)

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