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Did you know ...(Music Trivia)?


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I have suspicions about that "Brown-Eyed Girl"/Sammy Davis Jr. claim........(Not saying it never happened, mind you, but one would think it would be mentioned somewhere in cyberspace, no?)

I do know, however, that the song was originally titled "Brown-Skinned Girl", but Van changed it to the new title because it sounded better to him....(also might not have been played much on the radio in '67....)

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OK, let's go the other direction. Van Morrison sang backup on "Candy Man" for Sammy Jr., and offered to change the title of "Brown-Eyed Girl" to "One-Eyed Girl", but Sammy wouldn't hear of it (and just couldn't see it!)......

Ok now this I can see...uh...no pun intended.
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Did you know that Denny Laine of Wings fame was an original member of the Moody Blues?

The Chicago song 25 or 6 to Four was written as a fluke?

Apparently the story goes Chicago needed one more song to complete their latest album..they couldn't think of a song to write so several of the members decided to go out. One member stayed home..as he was trying to think of something to write he fell asleep.

Hours later when the band returned home it was late. They woke up the guy who was sleeping and told him to go to bed. He asked what time is it? The other member replied 25 or 6 to Four..in the morning.

Listen to the lyrics next time.

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Paul Simon did indeed write Red Rubber Ball for the Cyrkle...under the name of Jerry Landis.

Eric Clapton wrote the song 'Wonderful Tonight' for his wife Patti Boyd while he was waiting for her to get dressed so they could go to a Buddy Holly party at Paul and Linda McCartney's house given by Linda McCartney.

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Lew Bundles..."And Hollies...Why would all flows of info had to have crossed your path?"

Because I am a fanatic about this kind of stuff...anything that has been posted here...that is true...I already knew. I'm not bragging...in a way it's kinda sad. BTW The Sammy Davis singing on Brown Eyed girl...NO mention of it anywhere. If this were true {I don't think it is...and I don't hear it in the song myself] There would be mention of it somewhere. One hundred dollars is yours if you produce ANY proof the Candyman sang on that song. I don't think they were running in the same circles in 67. Here is a very detailed history of the song http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Brown_Eyed_Girl

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Did you know that Mark Volman and Howard Kaylan(the Turtles) are among the background singers on Springsteen's "Hungry Heart."

I once saw The Turtles and they always add some comedy to their shows. Mark and Howard told the story how they sang on "Hungry Heart" and then they played the Bruce record at the concert, but sang their part live. Hysterical! They took bows afterwards.
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Eric Clapton and Lionel Richie had the same idea, of getting away on a fishing trip in Northern Michigan, to get away from the music industry for a while---only to run into each other.

Volman and Kaylan also sang backups on some of T.Rex's hits.

Donovan's "Hurdy Gurdy Man" essentially had a group of backup musicians of Page/Jones/Bonham,

pre-Zeppelin(minus Plant).

Jimi Hendrix played guitar, oddly enough, on some Jayne Mansfield recordings.

Herb Alpert co-wrote the Sam Cooke hit "What a Wonderful World"

Prince wrote commercial jingles for two competing companies.....Coke's "Always" and Pepsi's "You Got the Right One Baby".

The Jan and Dean song "Linda" was actually a cover version of someone else's minor hit. But on the original sheet music for this had a picture of a young girl---which ironically happened to be Linda Eastman(McCartney)!

Led Zeppelin recorded some of their tracks in and old castle in Scotland, and using only three mikes on the drums!!

The last recordings of Glenn Miller were done, not in the USA, but at Abbey Road.(Studio actually opened in the late 1930s).

Motown bassist James Jamerson would continue to use strings that had been used over a year, on many of the hits.

The "ladies" in the background on OutKast's "Hey Ya" was actually the engineer overdubbing herself several times, when the group was away.

Some engineer put the bass on "mute" by mistake.....but the "wrong" mix of "When Doves Cry"(Prince) happened to be the hit.

The vocals of "Crimson and Clover"(Tommy James) was run through a guitar amplifier's tremolo.

Foreigner's "Head Games" cost almost twice as much to record as "Double Vision" did.

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I will gladly admit I'm wrong...I have not posted any incorrect info since I've posted here. There are certain rock 'myths' that have been thought to be fact that are,in fact, myths.

For instance ...Rod Stewart played the harmonica on Millie Smalls 'My Boy Lollipop'...long thought to be fact...Stewart never played on the song...although he was in & out of the studio.

I'm not trying to be a dick here...I take my rock history pretty seriously...If I'm wrong about Davis singing on BEG I will eat crow all day...but yeah...if Davis did sing on that track, not only would I know it but it would be well known trivia. I mean where do you go to prove something that never happened, never happened? It would be lack of any evidence. If it DID happen...there would be mention of it somewhere.

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