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Did you know ...(Music Trivia)?


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that a huge amount of dead rock/pop stars have a 'J' in their name?

john lennon

john bonham

john entwistle

jerry garcia

jimmy hendrix

jim morrison

janis joplin

john honyeyman-scoot

john denver

jiles perry richardson (aka the big bopper)

jim croce

brian jones

john simon ritchie (aka sid vicious)

please add to the list...

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Ok they're not all 'rock' stars, but adding to Andy's list:

Jesse Belvin (wrote “Goodnight My Loveâ€)

Johnny Horton (“Battle of New Orleansâ€)

Jim Reeves

Johnny Burnette (“You’re 16â€)

James Griffin (from Bread)

Judy Garland

Johnny Kidd (“Shakin’ All Overâ€)

John Coltrane

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Wendy and Lisa of Prince and the revolution fame father is Mike Melvoin the keyboard player on the Partridge Family records (he was Susan Dey) and their brother was Jonathen Melvoin the Smashing Pumpkins keyboard player who fatally od'd. George Young of The Easybeats ("Friday on my mind") brothers are Angus and Malcom Young of AC/DC.

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Dusty Springfield sang as one of the Vandellas when on tour with Martha Reeves in 1964 as a replacement for one of the "regular" Vandellas.I would love to have a video of THAT show!!!

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Boots Randolph both recorded and toured with Elvis Presley,Buddy Holly, and Brenda Lee.He is the dynamite sax you hear on Elvis' Return to Sender(among others),Buddy Holly's True Love Ways, and Brenda Lee's Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree.I had the honor to meet and speak with Boots on several occasions in the 1980's and 1990's.I have a letter he wrote me 4 weeks before his tragic stroke this past summer.He was one of the nicest people I've ever met.

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Did you know (and I'm sure you did) that Charles Manson actually recorded a song that involved Dennis Wilson?

Actually, the Beach Boys recorded the Manson composition; it was called "Never Learn Not to Love (Cease to Resist)." Manson wrote it as "Cease to Exist," and was reportedly upset that Dennis and the gang changes his lyrics...
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"Doris Day's son Terry was one of the 60s greatest producers...His albums sold millions."

And Terry Melcher (who produced The Byrds, Paul Revere & The Raiders & others, and was the Terry of Bruce & Terry (of "Summer Means Fun" fame - the Bruce was Bruce Johnston), and was also in the Rip Chords ("Hey, Little Cobra")) may have been who the Manson gang was really looking for the night they went medieval on Sharon Tate & company. Rumor had it Charlie sent them to kill Terry M., who had agreed to work with him on his music, but backed out. Melcher had lived in Roman P's/Sharon T's house for awhile, but had moved out....

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