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As An Alternative to New Springsteen and Fogerty Releases Next Tuesday....


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.....I'm looking forward to picking up the new Rhino DVD set (2 disks) of 4 hours+ of unreleased (on DVD at least) live performances by The Ramones from '74 - '96, called "It's Alive!" (same name as '78 live album from the Rainbow Theater, London - and a lot of footage from this show is included). All in all, there are 119 live songs from 33 different shows over the course of their 23 year career.

And yeah, I may also wind up with the new Boss and Fogerty releases...but I'm watching these DVDs first!

Other recent releases from the past 2 weeks or so - a new Chesterfield Kings CD, "Psychedelic Sunrise" on Little Steven's Wicked Cool label, which is pretty good; the new Steve Earle, "Washington Square Serenade", mostly acoustic, and a bit of a disappointment; and an incredible new soul album by Bettye LaVette, "The Scene Of The Crime", on Anti Records - she's perhaps the best soul singer on Earth now, backed by White trash rockers The Drive-By Truckers, recorded at Muscle Shoals, and, of interest to Marvin, she's recorded a Don Henley tune, "You Don't Know Me At All", as well as tunes by Eddie Hinton, John Hiatt, Elton John, and George Jones...

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Posted from another thread.....

Well, I'm back from lunch....half of which was spent up the street at the local Borders, listening to the first minute or so of tons of songs on several new CDs....

Results? In addition to the Ramones live DVD I mentioned in another thread, I bought Springsteen's new album - a lot of excellent tunes on it, as well as a great mix (snarling guitars all but drowning out his voice on the rockers), with the only negative being what sounds like the usual Bruce-by-numbers lyrics (Just got home from the mill, I'm a workin' man, and the current President's policies suck...), but it's clearly the best pop/rock album he's done in years!

Fogerty - I'll take a pass....only cared for maybe 4-5 of the song snippets.

The Cult - ditto, I'll pass...

Frankie Valli - BIG pass! Full of saccharine, overblown arrangements....toss this into the bin with the Rod Stewart and Manilow doing the 60s CDs.....

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