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Speaking Of Starbucks


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I also think McD's and Dunkin D have better coffee, yet I force myself to drink it only because I heard the CEO tell a story of his fathers medical problem and how they had no health insurance and that is why Starbucks offers health insurance to their workers. Sounds like a guy who gets it.

But more important....I think we should all go to our local Starbucks and tell them a Raspberries Cd would be nice to carry, and then each of us write a letter and send a CD to their corporate headquarters. Duplicates and all.

Then....make up a t-shirt that says "Have Some Raspberries with your Starbucks Today", and hand them out outside Starbucks corporate headquarters.

I know.... I know....I'm a sick ticket.

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Nobody mentioned TIm Horton's yet. And to think we're making inroads into the states.

"Free Raspberries Danish with your coffee? Why soytenly!"

How about a "Roll Up The Rim" contest with five dollars off of the CD?

I love these places, but they always seem to get my order wrong, add sugar, then have to dump the thing and replace it. So sad!

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