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With the new Raspberries' project now released...who else...

Lee Marshall

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from 35[ish] years ago...OR MORE...is still recording and releasing QUALITY music?

Off the top of my head...Macca, Ringo [has one coming any second?], Daltry/Townshend [the Who], the Stones, Ray Davies [Kinks], Neil Diamond, Brian Wilson [beach Boys], Roger McGuinn [byrds], Henry Gross, Santana, Joe Cocker, Bob Dylan, John Kay [steppenwolf], Steve Winwood [spencer Davis/Traffic/Blind Faith], Stevie Wonder, Dion?, Robert Plant [and maybe the reformed Led Zep???], Moody Blues, Tom Jones, the Tokens, Yardbirds, Felix Cavaliere [Rascals], Neil Young [buffalo Springfield/CSN&Y], Van Morrison [Them], Cream, John C. Fogerty [CCR], Manfred Mann, Chicago, Paul Simon...and...Art Garfunkel, James Taylor, Bachman/Cummings [Guess Who/BTO], BB King, Eric Clapton [loads of bands], James Taylor, Elton John, Rod Stewart [Faces], America, Steely Dan, Dr. John, Joni Mitchell, David Bowie, Aerosmith, Bob Seger [The Bob Seger System/Silver Bullet Band], Jimmy Buffett, The Eagles, Gino Vanelli, Michael McDonald [Doobies/Steely Dan], Cliff Richard? and just a little less back there...but close...Eddie Money.

Quite the roster really.

Who else have I forgotten who still records Quality albums...if only from time to time?

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Pretty Things (just released an excellent new album), Stooges (CD's OK to good, but they're still great live), New York Dolls (excellent CD last year), Downliners Sect (VG+ album about 4-5 years ago), Big Brother & The Holding Company (just put out new live CD), Electric Prunes (2 decent efforts over the past 6 years), what's left of the MC5 (getting ready to put out a new one)

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Paul Rodgers just released a great live CD/DVD "Live in Glasgow".

Cheap Trick's last CD "Rockford" was thier best in years.

Jimmy Buffett's last two CD's "License to Chill" and "Weather with You" shows he's still got it.

Sammy Hagar put out a great one last year, called "Livin' it Up".

and although I haven't heard it, Peter Frampton's instrumental CD "Fingerprints" garnered good reviews.


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