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Don - "I'd Rather.." is a close 2nd for me. "It's Cold Outside" is one of my all-time favorite songs from ANY band, and it's still my favorite Choir tune. I remember when it hit the Top 40....my 45 was so worn out over the years, I was so happy when they included the song on the "Nuggets" box set.

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The News Herald, our local paper will have a story on The Choir this Sunday. Bernie, I'll have a copy in the mail to you on Monday. Favorite song? Still is Its Cold Outside. To this day I still get goose bumps when it plays on the radio.It was THE song that kicked off the Cleveland rock explosion of many great groups from this area. It was and always will be the first! Can't wait to hear Jims drum intro and Wallys guitar to start it off. Its cold outside ( again)!

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Be on the lookout for these articles and interviews on The Choir Reunion:

The North Coast Voice(Lake County entertainment magazine)/Cover story/Feb. 16th issue

The News Herald/"Sidetracks" Cover story/Feb 26th

The Free Times/March 1st

Scene Magazine/March 1st

Sun Newspapers/March 2nd

Cleveland Plain Dealer/March 3rd

Some of the guys will also be in studio guests on WMJI Majic 105.7's "Lanigan and Malone" show Tuesday Feb. 28th at about 8:00am.

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My periodic looks at the website have been only to see when the next Raspberries show will be. This Choir reunion stuff is taking me a bit aback, as I know that Eric had been holding the bag back in 73-75, with guys that decided to pull out of the project(s). The demise of the Starting Over tour still is painful, although the Clevland shows and Waukesha had made me obviously forget (until now). I'm hoping that the boys still have some sense to be looking at the Big Picture (Carmen driving the bus). My wish is that this will not be another Odeon, 1998, where everyone is waiting for Eric to arrive, but had not been invited. Scott, at least, had some new material.

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Skip, you may not be aware of it, but The Choir reunion gigs came about because the folks at the Beachland Ballroom approached The Choir members about doing a reunion. This does *not* mean the end of Raspberries, it's just one of many side projects we'll probably see from time to time.

Eric, Wally, Dave and Jim have *all* had Billboard Hot 100 chart hits outside of Raspberries (besides "It's Cold Outside," Wally also had two chart hits with Fotomaker), and it takes four Raspberries, in my opinion, to drive this Raspberries bus (you know, "sit back and leave the driving to us" they might say).

I love the fact that Raspberries are tight enough now that they can do projects independent of Raspberries from time to time (I'm sure, for instance, that if Il Divo got a Grammy for their cover of "All By Myself," that nobody would clap louder for Eric than would Wally, Dave and Jim).

If Eric goes to a Choir show, I'll bet he'd love to be able to just sit back and applaud his buddies as a fan, too (he'd be reliving his teenaged love of that band). If something "natural" happens out of that as Eric watches his Raspberries and Quick band member buddies on stage, well that's cool, too.

As far as "new material," check out Jim's "By The Seat Of Our Pants" album with Boxer, Wally's "Dry" album with The Bryson Group and Dave's "Internal Monologue" album, all great CDs released in the last three years. I can only imagine the great things the guys may be working up for future Raspberries' projects with Eric.

On another note: let's not forget that Dann Klawon of The Choir, who wrote "It's Cold Outside," also co-wrote both "Southern Comfort" and "Ain't Nothin' Gonna Stop Me" with Eric while both were in The Quick for their 1969 Epic Records single.

Long live Raspberries!

Don smile

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I would never want to argue with Mr. Krider, especially with his take on the current Raspberries situation. Your input on power pop over the past decade has been outstanding. I am pleased that there is some informed insight on where the boys are at in '06. As I was in attendance at the Odeon back in '98, it really didn't feel like a "Carmen love fest." I am also pleased that all of the past is now finally behind them and we can move on to more shows. I do own the autographed Smalley CD, the Fotomaker (with Wally) Cd's, and the great Scott McCarl's CD. I am also happy to own every Eric Carmen CD(mainly imports) and records. And of course the Raspberries CD's, singles and LP's. I might want to pick up that Boxer CD Don. My reference was to who had the new material in 98, Scott and Eric's Winter Dreams. It was very apparent that Mr. Carmen, from the Cleveland and Waukesha shows, did indeed drive the bus. Again, thanks for your clarification that Eric is welcomed at the shows.

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Don, keep up your great work and my apologies if any apprehensions clouded the progress that the boys have made. I guess we get sometimes caught up in the "what should have been" mode. Never will forget my freshman year at college, blasting Starting Over and a month later a guy down the hall brought me the Rolling Stone review. Felt completely vindicated and was able to stay in the dorm until the end of the year! Can't believe it's been over 30 years. Still have the original copy of the review.

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