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No malfunctions. In Brief...

left the plane @ 13,000 ft. linked up with my jump partner, made a few patterns, pulled at 2,800 ft. everything opened fine, my friend landed and I was going to land fairly close to him (keep in mind landing approach speed until 15 ft above ground(for a soft stand-up landing) was normal approx. 30 mph.)

I think I watched my friend just a little to long and pulled the chutes lines to slow down lower than 15 ft. and here is the catcher, because ALL my previous 50 some landings have been "stand-up" my feet were apart (not together to hit and roll) so I could not get my feet together in a fraction of a second to hit and roll and hit the ground and fell forward. Snap.

The thing is my ankle hurt real bad but never having broken any bones before I thought I just sprained it. So I stood up, gathered up my chute, walked about 100 feet to the clubhouse, went up 6 steps to get inside. My ankle was kinda floopy crazy . After a few minutes I decided I should go to a hosp. and have it checked out.

Voila! It was broke and ligaments tore. I now have a stainless steel bar in my ankle along with six screws! My ankle still swells up some but goes down at night then I start over the next day. Dr's said it could swell for up to a year. When the weather warms up I will be ready to jump again laugh . Skydiving is so free feeling, exciting, challenging and the clouds even smell different! It was unusual. If you ever thought about jumping I would do it. There is nothing like it!!! I sugesst a tandem jump.

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Actully I do both. Pack myself and sometimes have someone else pack for me. Student chutes

the speed and angle of decent is less than experienced chutes. Some young kids really come in smokin! Tandem jumps are very safe!Skydiving is dangerous but not as much as you might think. Most accidents are hard landings with people really smokin' in and making a bad judgement.

I really am fairly conservative.

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Gee Tony, you'd take your life in your hands just for little ol' me??????? Who'd a thunk it!

I swear, I did not get my broken ankle jumping out of that plane with JumpMan. We weren't jumping and we certainly weren't on a plane.

Wait a minute here.....just how did I break that ankle????? JumpMan, you swore you'd keep quiet.


Catch me I'm falling spinspinspinspin

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