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Angelina,I remember I published that Top neo con songs here.

Carmen Smalley

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Top Neo con songs(judge by yourself)

The Who-Won´t Get Fooled Again

The Beatles-Taxman

The Rolling Stones-Simpathy For The Devil

Lynird Skynird-Sweet Home Alabama

The Beach Boys-Wouldn´t It Be Nice


The Beatles-Revolution

Sex Pistols-Bodies

Metallica-Don´t Tread On Me

The Kinks-20th Century Man

Rush-The Trees

Bob Dylan-Neighborhood Bully

The Pretenders-My City Was Gone

Jesus Jones-Right Here Right Now

The Crickets-I Fought The Law

Eagles-Get Over It

Blink 182-Stay Together For The Kids

Living Colour-Cult Of Personality

Paul Revere And The Raiders-Kicks+

The Clash-Rock The Casbah

David Bowie-Heroes

Rush-Red Barchetta

Bend Folds Five-Brick

After The Fire-Der Kommissar

Led Zeppelin-The Battle Of Evermore

Oingo Boingo-Capitalism

Joe Jackson-Obvious Song

Aerosmith-Janie´s got a Gun

Iron Maiden-Rime Of The Ancient Mariner

Graham Parker-You Can´t Be Too Strong

John Mellencamp-Small Town

The Georgia Satellites-Keep Yur Hands To Yourself

The Rolling Stones-You Can´t Always Get What You Want

Blue Oyster Cult-Godzilla

The Rainmakers-Government Cheese

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