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While perusing my CD collection, looking for bizarre oddities to use in the NAME THAT TUNE thread, I ran across this classic from 1999 that I'd forgotten about - "Leave Stockholm" by Gabba, a UK band that does mostly Abba songs, Ramones-style, along with hybrid half-Abba, half-Ramones songs. While this may strike some as totally off the wall, the combination works pretty well. The Ramones' more melodic pop side really isn't that far removed from Abba's, although the production differences are miles (or countries) apart.

They're a 5 piece band, Ramones-type lineup with an additional female singer (the male singer's name, BTW, is Bjoey). The stripped down power chord approach really works well on some songs like "Waterloo", while it doesn't on others....and some are just plain bizarre (combining "Mama Mia", "We're A Happy Family", and "Sheena Is A Punk Rocker" in one song...or morphing "Honey Honey" into "Gabba Gabba").

11 cuts, 24 minutes.....and still available via the band's website. (www.gabba.co.uk). It appears they're finally working on a follow-up album. Not for everybody, BUT enjoyable and funny as Hell!!!

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