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Simply Red

anita cottino

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In the early 80's, I enjoyed listening to the band Simply Red, especially the songs "Holding

back the years" and "If you don't know me by now". Then time passed and I did not pay too much attention to their career until, about 3 nights ago, VH1 Classic showed a documentary on Mick Hucknall and his accomplishments. I was blown away by the song "For Your Babies". Does anyone knows who wrote the lyrics & music? It almost brought me to tears. Thanks for any feedbacks you may have.

(I was interrupted several times while I was watching so I may have missed the portion where they announced who wrote that song).

Anita spin

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Anita--haven't heard the song you speak of, but right before our wedding 2 years ago, "Simply Red" had done a remake of "Brand New". Awesome! We played it at our wedding dance! (we played "I Was Born to Love You" and "Isn't It Romantic" by Eric as well!)


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I have been a huge Simply Red fan for many years.

I have every CD released and three different concert DVDs, including one I had to import in PAL format.

For Your Babies is on the Stars album from 1991, which has a number of great songs. Not to be missed is "How Could I Fall."

I highly recommend the "Home Live in Sicily" DVD as well as the Stars concert DVD and one other concert video from the late 90's (don't remember the name).

The "Life" CD is great too. "So Many People" is one of my favorites, along with two-thirds of that record.

The interesting thing about Simply Red is that each record has its own style and feel to it.

"Blue" has an interesting cover of Neil Young's "Mellow My Mind", and "Home" has a nice take on "Positively 4th Street."

While "Home" sounds pretty derivative, it is very listenable and the best Hucknall project since "Life".

If you only know Simply Red for HBTY you might want to check out the catalog.

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