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Saw Edwin McCain Dec 26


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I took my good friend Dan to see the Berries in Cleveland a few weeks ago (he had a blast) and he returned the favor by taking me to see Edwin McCain at the Orlando HOB (we left the wives at home-their preference).

Edwin puts on a great show. Excellent voice - good power and emotion and he did all the vocals (no backup singing at all) - he has a very good rapport with the audience. He is obviously an Orlando favorite as the place was packed - easily 1000+. He plays this venue a number of times each year. His backup musicians (4) were first rate. Great show, but not as good as our Berrie Boys.

Anyone seen him live?

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Glad you saw him, Ted. He was supposed to play an outdoor show here about a year and a half ago. I was psyched about it, but the venue ended up being literally flooded out. For some reason, it seemed like the folks at our end didn't work too hard to reschedule him - probably because it was in conjunction with another event and they couldn't just have have him appear within the next day or so. frown

Anyway - glad to hear he was so good!


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