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KISS fans protest


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This article is from CNN about KISS fans protesting in front of the Rock HOF that their group KISS was not inducted into the HOF...

Hey....how many of us who live in the Cleveland metro area would do the same for Eric and the Berries as well? If I lived in the metro area....I would be there. Anyone there willing to put your body out there?



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if i could afford to take off work or not working on the weekend i would be there in a heartbeat..the raspberries deserve this..i'm starting to be ashamed of being an ohioan..well maybe not just yet,but NOTHING has been done so far..all i ever hear is michael stanley this and that..do'nt get me wrong,he's done cleveland proud..but the berries and eric deserve this more..they paved the way for ALL cleveland bands PERIOD!!! that's my thoughts ..lol,chris

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Although they are getting press with the picketing of the Hall Of Fame, I think the protesters have chosen the wrong location as far as getting the desired results. And where should they be, you ask?


The Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame, as approved by Rolling Stone. Phooey! arrgh

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KISS, Raspberries, Moody Blues, Guess Who and Chicago all belong in the HALL!!

Other possible protest location suggestions:

(1)Rolling Stone Headquarters in NYC

(2)R and R Hall of fame offices in NYC

(3)Ahmet Ertegun's(founder of Atlantic records and another RRHOF board member)house

Maybe we should start some kind of alliance with the other bands' fans(and many of us are, as well)

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