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New Alarm Clocks Album Coming Out.......


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For those of us who attended the Beachland Ballroom Choir reunion shows back in March........ Norton Records is putting out a CD of brand new material by The Alarm Clocks in either September or October. I can't speak for anyone else at those March shows, but I personally thought they kicked major ass live both of those nights!...To me, they were an unexpected treat, an old, pretty much unknown 60's band that had reunited, and were better than ever (not unlike The Choir!).

When I ran into my friend Alec Palao in Austin later that month, and was wearing a Choir t-shirt from the BB show, he mentioned that he had heard out West that The Choir were great, but that the Alarm Clocks were a bigger surprise to most. I suspect they didn't appeal to everyone there (more of a grungy garage sound, as opposed to the Choir's more melodic approach), but I was certainly impressed.

Miriam & Billy from Norton Records were there both nights, and said they were thinking of putting out the highlights from those AC shows on CD later this year. It looks like we're getting a new studio effort first. (12 new originals, a couple of which they played in March, and a couple of covers, one of which is their super snotty version of "Like A Rolling Stone"...which they did the 2nd night, if my memory serves me well.....).

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It takes a certain degree of talent and nerve to transform "Like A Rolling Stone" and "A Well Respected Man" into snotty-sounding garage/punk classics, which those guys did! (Not to mention that bassist/frontman Mike Pierce looks like a well-fed lawyer or CPA nowadays...)

While I was wearing that Choir shirt in Austin, BTW, at a show at Threadgills (headlined by Roky Erickson & The Explosives - RE's first full-length electric set in decades...), a lady came up and started talking to me. I can't remember her name, but it turned out she was one of the bookers/managers(?) of the Beachland Ballroom, and we talked about those shows and The Choir and Raspberries. She was surprised to see the shirt in Austin, she said.....

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