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#1 Power Pop Album of All Time!


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sez the Hot new book: Shake Some Action by John Borack. RASPBERRIES had some tough competiton. Rounding out the top 10: Big Star, Shoes, Cheap Trick, 20/20, Chris Von Sneidern, Tommy Keane, The Orange Humble Band, Adam Schmitt and the Beat.

Great job John: RASPBERRIES - Starting Over is my #1 Power Pop album also.

I think the intial pressing of the book is already sold out!!!


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I agree whole-heartedly with the choice for #1. Starting Over has been one of my favorite albums since I first bought it back in 1974. The rest of the list is great as well, although I would have put Badfinger's Wish You Were Here in the top 5. It's funny how both Raspberries' and Badfinger's final albums were their most critically acclaimed.

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Bea Arthur's "Touch Me Down There" video while simultaneously being heartfelt, nauseating, pensive and mercilessly flatulent.... well, it has to be said that it changed the course of music video forever.

Not for the better, or anything.

The "King Bee Arthur pulling the sword from the stone part... well, that's just a little obvious.

True, it's not necessarily Bea Arthur's fault, even if it was a vanity pressing of the record and she paid the director to do everything exactly as she said... OK, it was her fault. The thing is her children shouldn't have to put up with all those quotes from the video they are constantly barraged by.... that's all just leave the children alone...

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