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Shout Out to Ira/GMan


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Hey guys - Great to see you at Maxwells the other night!!! IMO, a very good show, under some very trying circumstances - Tropical Storm Hanna left a lot of leaks in Maxwells roof, most of which seemed to be right over the stage! There were plastic containers sitting on stage, catching water all night....with various members of the 3 bands getting "rained on" all night. Thankfully, no electrocutions!

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Ira - Excellent! If you go, be sure and stay in the hall to catch their version of the DC5's "Anyway You Want It"....and the Flamin' Groovies' "Shake Some Action", for that matter!

P.S. Plus, as you heard some evidence of the other night, any band with Cyril Jordan is gonna do the best Beatles covers this side of Eric & our boys!

P.P.S. The Fleshtones will be headlining that night. You'll enjoy them if you've never seen them live. (I've seen them lots of times over the years, and may skip 'em this Thursday at the Iota in Arlington, VA). I may make the Union Hall show....depends on whether I feel like driving that far again.

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And a great show it was!! Magic Christian were GREAT! Cyril is a really cool guy. Everything they did was great. "Anytime At All" and "Anyway You Want It" ROCKED the house. That was nuts with the leaks in the roof. Clem was telling me he wouldn't have to shower after the gig 'cause he was getting a good one while he was playing. lol. "Shake Some Action" was a KILLER.

John O...it was my extreme pleasure to finally meet you and I was thoroughly impressed with your knowledge of the whole scene and for introducing me to Cyril...who couldn't stop thanking me for coming. Ira, my friend...I'm sorry. I should have brought you a pair of "Hearo-s". LOL. I recieved an e-mail from Clem Burke today, thanking us for coming and he told me that they recorded the WFMU gig which will be aired on Oct.21st from 3 - 4 PM. That would be 90.7 FM for those in the NY/NJ area.

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