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Procol Harum in Court - Brooker vs. Fisher


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I just read an article about Matthew Fisher suing Gary Brooker and their old publishing company, for co-author credit and his share of royalties for "A Whiter Shade of Pale"...40 years after it was recorded (!!??) Brooker and lyricist Keith Reid claim they wrote the song prior to Fisher joining the band. Fisher claims he wrote the organ intro and melody.

The article mentions that Fisher, now a computer programmer, left the band in '69, but left out the fact that he's rejoined them several times since, most recently for their last album, "The Well's On Fire", which he helped promote by touring with them several years ago. (At the show I saw at the Birchmere, Fisher glowered throughout the night and swore at the soundman several times....prompting Brooker to introduce him as - "And at the organ tonight - Adolf Hitler!"

Interesting to see how this lawsuit comes out....

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Love the band... I'm guessing the "Hitler" reference may be a nod to the old Bonzo Dog Doo Dah Band (featuring Neil Innes of "Rutles" fame) song (name escapes me) in which the members of a comical orchestra are introduced, including, at one point, "...and looking very relaxed on vibes, Mr. Adolph Hitler..."

Then again, maybe it was just Fisher being sour grape-y.


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I think you can get get Procol Harum on dvd?

I pretty sure I saw it.

I did see Cream DVD special in HMV record stores.

It was a golden color dvd cover, I read the back for the songs, all the classic songs are on it.

We would all like this dvd.

I bought the Benjamin Orr cd, The Lace, it's great.

I had to specially order it, it came in eight days, "Eight Days A Week" I love you. Lol

Are you all laughing now?

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