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Linus of Hollywood


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Hi gang! been a while since I posted. Just been lurking...

Anyway, if I know this crowd like I think I do, check this guy out.


He lists his influences as: Paul McCartney, Brian Wilson, Gilbert O' Sullivan, The Zombies and a bunch of other stuff

Blew my mind when I first found him on the internet about a year ago. As far as I know, he plays all instruments himself and all vocals!

And he's only in his 20's...

There's hope out there in the music world

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There was a thread maybe 2 years ago on Linus (actually Kevin Dotson) - met him several times, as he is friends of friends. He's around 35, an uber awesome songwriter, and musician/producer extraordinaire. He has 3 amazing CD's (and I believe a new one, with a few new, but mostly old tracks).

I think he is considered one of the reigning Godfathers of LA power pop.

I do know he has made some nice royalties selling songs to many artists, including P Diddy! And, has his own label, and I believe Recording Studio.

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