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Dean Reed


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I've just started reading "Comrade Rockstar", a biography of Dean Reed. Anybody familiar with this?

I've only read the first couple of chapters, but the story (and it's for real) goes like this: Reed travels to Chile to escape Hollywood and his Capitol Records contract. He becomes a big star there, then gets spotted in Helsinki and becomes the Elvis of the Eastern Bloc. Absolutely huge - movies, records, you name it - in East Germany and the Soviet Union. He keeps his American passport, mind you. Then he is found drowned in East Berlin in 1986. The verdict is "accidental drowning", which is a surprise to all. Apparently, the East German police said "it's either a crime, a suicide, or an accident. There is no crime in East Germany...Dean Reed was happy, so it's not suicide...therefore, it was an accident."

It's bizarre already. I can't imagine what else is coming in the book.

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