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Brad Delp of Boston dead

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What a massive shock - I can't believe it. His seemingly limitless voice was part of the soundtrack of my youth. I was at the first ever UK Boston concert in '78 and Brad was just tremendous. The first Boston album is one I will never tire of. He will be very sadly missed - RIP Brad.

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This has saddened me deeply. Brad was my all-time favorite vocalist since I idolized him as a kid. Say what you will about Boston from a critical standpoint, but I think the first Boston record was a revolutionary masterpiece. When Third Stage came out, it was like a surreal dream come true to me at a young age. I had hoped against hope there would be another Boston record, and it had arrived. I used to listen to Third Stage in high school with my friends all the time, and I have a lot of deeply personal memories associated with that record. Though derided by fans of "Old Boston", I think the ballad oriented album cuts were beautiful, and the vocal harmonies on that record were probably the best of all the Boston albums.

I was never able to see Boston in person as a kid, but that dream came true for me in 4 cities on the 2003 and 2004 tours. What an incredible voice! And such a nice guy.

Someone here had posted about Brad gracefully yielding the high notes to Fran Cosmo in concert, and pointing at Fran to pump up the crowd. While this is true, and is a testament to Brad's character... make no mistake- he could still hit those notes when he wanted to. I think the highest and longest sustained Boston tweeter-frying vocal note is in the middle of "Hollyann", and Brad did it just like the record at Costa Mesa in 2003.

It is a shame when the most down to earth, caring, ego-free, healthy living guy in the music business has to go at such a young age.

It surprises me how sad I am to know I will never again hear Brad's voice live or on another Boston record again. I couldn't believe it when I saw it on TV this weekend. So many lesser men are blessed with so many more years.

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Jason, I feel the same way. I have fond memories of the debut album as I was a junior in HS when it came out. One of them is when one night I was driving home from a friend's house, and popped in the 8-track and the "spacey" segue between "Foreplay/Longtime" began. It was a beutiful summer night and all the stars were out as I crossed over the bridge of the main highway in town. It was almost like the album cover coming to life. I was waiting for the ship to appear...lol.

Anyway, I've always to seek out anything that featured Brad. Boston, the Barry Goudreau solo album, RTZ, the duo CD that him and Goudreau did a few years ago, and even a bootleg DVD of a Beatlejuice performance. I'm just glad that I got to see the band on the 2003 tour.


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Mental illness is such a drag. Unfortunately, the government and the corporate-greed driven health care industry think 10 co-payed visits and a generic (ie. more profitable) 'mother's little helper' will solve the problem. It doesn't. And it never will.

Situations like Brad Delp's, Richard Jeni's and the others might be able to be prevented with proper health care coverage for therapy. Plus, the therapists must be ethical.

It's a complicated problem that the gov't turns their head on, and isn't profitable enough for the health insurance companies, because they won't get their legalized kickbacks from the pharmaceutical companies.

Sorry...I'm down off the soapbox now.

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