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Yet Another Smithereens Beatles Album...


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Just heard that the new Smithereens album, "Beatles B-Sides" is coming out on 9/2/08. They're doing nothing but Fab Four B-sides up til the end of '66 on this.

Looking through an American discography, I count 22-23 such songs - I'm guessing they're limiting it to 13-14 at most. I'm sure they're leaving off what they already did on their "Meet The Smithereens" CD, plus most likely the songs that were on the Hard Day's Night soundtrack, and possibly the songs that were co-A-sides that hit the charts (She's A Woman, Day Tripper, etc.)

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Yeah, it's going to be a great collection of songs! Using the criteria above, here's the list of potential tunes (in chronological

order) -

Ask Me Why

Thank You Girl

I'll Get you

From Me To You

There's A Place

You Can't Do That

P.S. I Love You

Slow Down

I Don't Want To Spoil The Party

Yes It Is

I'm Down

Act Naturally

What Goes On


And this doesn't include the Hard Day's Night B-sides (I Should Have Known Better, I'm Happy Just To Dance With You, If I Fell), semi-A sides (She's A Woman, Day Tripper, Yellow Submarine) or Brit B-sides (Misery, Kansas City/Hey Hey Hey, This Boy) or early Tony Sheridan material (Cry For A Shadow).....and even then, I may have just missed a tune or two.

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Here's the official track listing for this upcoming album -


1. Thank You Girl

2. There’s A Place

3. I’ll Get You

4. You Can’t Do That

5. Ask Me Why

6. Cry For a Shadow

7. PS I Love You

8. Happy Just To Dance With You

9. If I Fell

10. Slow Down

11. I Don’t Want to Spoil The Party

12. Some Other Guy

So much for leaving off the Hard Day's Night tunes............

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Sorry....but I bought their first Beatles tribut CD and was severely disappointed. Very uninspired performances. The guitars were de-tuned for every song, which made the whole album sound 'slow'. Plus, there were some ESSENTIAL harmony arrangements missing. Pat DiNizio is losing his voice.

I am a huge Smithereens fan, but that Beatles CD was the biggest waste of my music buying dollar that I can remember in the last 5 years.

However, at the same time, I bought their double disc anthology (From New Jersey They Came) and love most of the songs. THAT is one of the BEST purchases I made in the last 5 years. I can't figure it out! confused

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Well...Personally, I think anybody who ever does this kind of an album faces a no-win situation. I'm guessing that any and all albums that are simply re-makes of all-time classic LPs like "Meet The Beatles" will invariably disappoint a large segment of folks buying them, regardless of the direction the band/artist takes.

Slavish, literal remakes usually can't possibly top the original songs, yet going out into left field and revising old songs considerably...especially songs that are so firmly embedded in our brains that they're almost a part of our DNA now, generally turns out disappointing as well. Anything in between these two extremes - you get comments like "essential harmony artrangements missing".... Again, it's a no-win situation, unless you just take it for what it is - a tribute/homage to an artist from another.

That, plus the fact that the Smithereens, at least to me, did do the songs justice when playing them live.....No, it wasn't a candidate for anyone's album of the year, but I'd also certainly not describe it as my biggest waste of money over the past 5 years, either. (Personally, I've bought or received promo copies of probably hundreds of CDs over that time frame that I'd consider a much bigger waste of time, effort and money that the Smithereens' last one....)

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I heard their version of "Thank You Girl" this morning on "Breakfast With The Beatles". The singing is decent, but the music is incredible how much it sounds like the Beatles (though I heard something a bit different in the final few chords). They are playing live at the "Fest For The Beatles" in Chicago next weekend.

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