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Choir Reunion

Roadie #3

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Going to Cleveland to see The Choir would be like literally goiing back in time and reliving what I missed the first time around. A celebrated cellist who is a dear friend is giving a very important cello master class and I can't miss it.

What a terrible situation for me. I hope they give another concert so I will have another opportuity to "be there again."

frown --Darlene

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Wouldn't this be the 2nd reunion of the Choir? The Odeon show from 2000 was essentially the Choir morphing into a pseudo-'berries band (Jim, Dave, Wally, Scott and Jesse Bryson). Although I'm not sure how many Choir songs other than "It's Cold Outside" were done on that night.


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There was a Choir reunion on Father's Day in 1988 also, sponsored by WMMS, at an outdoor venue in Cleveland, which may have been the first Choir reunion. Dave Smalley singing lead on "It's Cold Outside" just showed me what a charismatic lead singer he can be.

The six guys in The Choir reunion have plenty of material to do (the 1976 BOMP Records EP, the "Choir Practice" CD (which is also available as a vinyl LP from http://www.Sundazed.Com, the record label), and the CD "Psychedelic Microdots Of The '60s Volume 3" (five Choir tracks, including some not on "Choir Practice").

I imagine they'll stick with Choir material, but as much as I love Raspberries, I need to point out that these six guys have a lot of non-Raspberries material they could pull from (and it's all good):

The Mods, Dynamite (an entire unreleased album), The Sittin' Ducks (the self-titled CD), Tattoo (the self-titled LP), Dave's solo album, The Bryson Group (the "Dry" CD is awesome), Wallop, The Secret, Peter Panic, Wally Bryson & The News, The Raspberries "Refreshed" (Dave's "Pop Teasers" is too cool)...

Mainly, just let the guys have fun --- that they are performing again is enough for me... besides, if they do The Choir's 1970 single "Gonna Have A Good Time Tonight" (a remake of The Easybeats hit), you'll see why The Choir's version is better than the later hit version by INXS! Trust me on this.

Don smile

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After more than 40 years, legendary Ohio rock band The Choir is set to reunite on March 4, 2006 for a show at The Beachland Ballroom in Cleveland Ohio.

Few bands made an impact on the Cleveland rock band scene in the ‘60’s as did The Choir and their earlier incarnation, The Mods.

Originally formed in 1964 in Mentor, Ohio, The Mods found success with its 1965 lineup of Dann Klawon, Dave Smalley, Wally Bryson, Dave Burke and Jim Bonfanti. The band changed it’s name to The Choir in 1966 and struck gold that year with the regional hit and Cleveland classic “It’s Cold Outside,” written by Klawon with Smalley on lead vocals.

The Choir would continue with several recordings and personnel changes that reads like a Who’s Who of Cleveland area ‘60’s bands—Bryson left in 1968 to join Cyrus Erie with up-and-coming musician Eric Carmen (ironically, his goal in his formative years was to be in The Choir). Klawon and Burke left in early 1967 to form a trio with aspiring guitarist Joe Walsh. Bonfanti, who remained with The Choir, also played in a trio with Walsh.

The Choir disbanded in early 1970. Shortly thereafter Bryson, Smalley, Bonfanti and Carmen would go on to national and international fame with Raspberries, whose recent reunion and national tour sparked talk of a Choir reunion. The result—for the first time in over 40 years—is the concert by original members Klawon, Smalley, Bryson, Burke and Bonfanti along with Kenny Margolis (who joined The Choir in 1967) to be held on March 4, 2006 at The Beachland Ballroom at 15711 Waterloo Road in Cleveland.

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Hmmm...If the fire alarm goes off...and Jim and Dave run out of the building..it won't matter anyway...cause we all know the bass player and drummer are interchangeable.

Still true, if the song is strong enough.

How often do you hear someone say they like or bought the song mainly because of the killer drum or bass track?


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