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Choir Reunion

Roadie #3

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Just Announced - The Choir will reunite for one show by popular request at Beachland Ballroom in Cleveland on March 4th. Ticket Information and further details will follow soon.

The Line-up:

Jim Bonfanti

Wally Bryson

Dave Smalley

Dave Burke

Dan Klawon

Ken Margolis

As I understand ONLY 550 tickets will be sold and they go on sale this Friday

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Here's the info:


Original Band!!!

At the Beachland Ballroom

Saturday, March 4th 8 pm

The BEACHLAND BALLROOM is proud to announce the first public performance since 1968 of the legendary Ohio band THE CHOIR. The band will feature original members Dave Smalley, Wally Bryson, Jim Bonfanti, Dave Burke and Danny Klawon plus Kenny Margolis on keyboards.

The band's uber-hit "It’s Cold Outside" went to #1 in Cleveland in April of 1967. Bryson, Bonfanti and Smalley later went on to form the Raspberries with Eric Carmen.

Tickets will be available at 10:00 a.m. on Friday, January 13th through www.beachlandballroom.com

Advance tickets are $25.00. Day of show tickets are $28.00. For info call the club at 216- 383-1124.

They will also take phone orders w/ credit card at 216-383-1124/ Tickets for Beachland shows are also available at area CD/Game Exchange stores (including Akron, Kent and Willoughby in Lake Co.) and Square Records in Akron.


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If it wasn't the winter season, I'd venture out there on a road trip...but Cleveland in the beginning of March can be pretty darn cold and snowy...

I guess it pretty well assures us that there are no Raspberries shows planned anytime soon, since for now, 3/4 of the band will be focused on The Choir show (and rightfully so).

We better get reports back quickly on the 4th of March, I'd be real curious to see if Mr C joins them!!!

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It would be great to see Eric walk on stage but not at the end of the show. Thoughts; What band did Eric ALWAYS want to be in ? I don't think that there is anything that could keep Eric home that night or off the stage if he is in the audience. How many songs did the Choir actually write and record ? They will need a few more to fill the bill,with maybe some Berry songs ? What ONE person after Wally,Jim, and Dave is not in the Choir. The Raspberries/Choir memebers are almost interchangable. You don't have to be Mannix to figure this one out. I'd say odds are good that we see a "special guest" on a very special night.

It all started with Its Cold Outside. Thanks Dan for writtng such a great song that STILL to this day sends shivers down our back bones !

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