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Eric Robertson


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I knew him well back when...I videotaped a few songs with The Secret in Eastlake back in 1982...I found Eric to be very good onstage...a very nice guy and loved to share practical jokes...I'll always remember when he told me he used to hang out with Carol Burnetts son when he was in Hollywood......sad.................

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Here is a link to Eric's band-


Click on the "History" tab/link and you will come across some pictures of Wally & Dave when they were in the band.

The Secret was supposed to play the Beachland Ballroom December 15, the Saturday after The Raspberries concert in Cleveland. I've been told that there is going to be a benefit show for Eric. I suspect members of some of the old Mentor bands (Mods, Choir, etc.) will drop by. If you are attending the concert on the 14th and are staying over the weekend, you might try to catch this show. A link to the Beachland-


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My Hub and I are going to the Raspberries State Theatre show Friday the 14th. I cannot wait. It's going to be a very nice homecoming. Also we are definitely going to the Benefit for Eric Robertson at the Beachland on Saturday the 15th. Since Wally, Dave & Jim will be in the area DOES ANYONE KNOW IF THEY WILL BE PLAYING Saturday night at the benefit for Eric Robertson since all were members of the Choir & MOds and since Wally & Dave played next to Eric R in the SECRET. Maybe Wally's GUITAR TECH (roadie #2 or is it roadie #3), Ernie. Maybe Ernie knows, or will it be a surprize. Happy Holidays, xox Jen.

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