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HELP! An odd question (all of mine are odd, so I guess this is nothing new....)


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Hey ya'all... it's been awhile since I've been around. But, I always know when I need info, you guys are the ones to come to....

Here's my question. I'm trying to complete my Paul Janz album collection. I have all but one - a demo he did called "Songwriter" back in 1989.

I contacted Paul's manager at the time - Michael Godin - and he said "The Songwriter album was never intended for commercial release. It was prepared by the music publisher, Irving Music of Canada, to be used for promotional purposes to get other recording artists to sing Paul's songs. It would have been sent to A&R departments at various record labels, as well as to record producers and artist managers."

Now, here's where the question comes in for everyone here. How to I find someone now in an A&R department who would still have a dusty old version of this lying around???? As you can probably tell, I can get pretty obsessed when it comes to my music. Anyone able to help?????

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