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Barry Manilow on WTTW Chicago PBS


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Manilow rocks...though I did wince during parts of the show.

And an Olivia Newton-John concert from Sidney was on Ch 11 the same night. I've always liked her music, but she suprised me a bit as she was a pretty darn good live performer. She was natural and had some charisma up there on stage.

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"But on balance, he's a damn good performer, who has the guts to break from the "cool" norm.."

I'm not sure just what the "cool norm" is, but I'm sure Mr. Manilow makes music which he obviously enjoys, as do his fans....which, based on sales, are many. As in the case of ANY artist, there are also those who don't care for his music - I'd say it goes with the territory. Just what exactly takes guts to do that???...above and beyond what any other singer does? It's not as if he's hated with a passion like, let's say, Britney S., whose new album was thoroughly lambasted on places like this board before it was even released!

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I don't like Cetera, but like (love) several Manilow ballads. I'm not a Manilow freak as I only have one album (greatest hits) and probably wouldn't go see him in concert.

But come on, Manilow might not be hated... but I can't think of an artist who's been made fun of more than Manilow, over the last 30 years.

He's different. He's got what most would consider a "schmaltzy", "nerdy", "corny" style which invites insults, jokes etc etc. But he "Made It Thru The Rain" (how's that for schmaltz!!), and stuck to his guns, and IMHO, that takes guts..

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James - Certainly Manilow's been made fun of - He started his career playing at a gay bath house, backing Midler, he's had tons of plastic surgery, his music, for the most part is considered as primarily appealing to blue-hairs, etc. My point is - I'm guessing he's been crying about it...all the way to the bank!

My idea of "guts" in the music industry pertains more to struggling artists who keep making music that, relatively speaking, no one (or just a limited number of fans) wants to hear....similar to the position the 'Berries find themselves in now!

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